"Betty Leopard": Dear Motivation, where are you?

Thursday, 5 August 2010

Dear Motivation, where are you?

I was intending my next post to be my thoughts on things I would like to achieve in the next year. Somehow my birthday seems like a better point to set goals and resolutions than New Year. I'm not a big fan of New Year.
Anyway, it would seem that my motivation and enthusiasm didn't wake up with me this morning and I can't even think far enough ahead to know what we need from the supermarket let alone consider the next year of my life.
Having said my motivation didn't wake up with me, it must have done, as I did exercise for the first time in about a month. Only a 20 minute workout with EA Sports Active on the Wii (burning 121 calories apparently), but that's 20 minutes more than I could have done. So, I suppose I used up a fair amount of enthusiasm and the rest may have been washed away in the shower. Usefully.
I've spent the past couple of hours sat at the computer, talking to the few people who are online and willing to converse with me, trying to write a shopping list and attempting to stimulate myself with a mix of lemonade, green tea and cake (not literally a mix, each one is taken separately). The cake has made the most difference so far, although has left me feeling guilty and as though the exercise I did has probably been wasted.
I weighed in at 11 stone 1 pound this morning, not too bad really. In the past few months I've gone as high as 11 stone 5 and as low as 10 stone 13. Despite my lack of exercise, changes to my diet have kept me steady at about 11st1 for about a month. Now my challenge is to work on the exercise to be at a stable level below 11 stone, that's my goal, for now.
I'm so deeply uninspired by food right now. Not a good time to need to go grocery shopping.

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