"Betty Leopard": It begins...

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

It begins...

So, my plans for doing something silly/crazy to mark the end of being 24 ended up the miserable failure they were always doomed to be. I spent the week writing shopping lists and working. Both of which were largely necessary, but certainly not interesting. I did dye my hair, although for me that's not even anything unusual these days, and I only bleached my roots. Having said that, I used a more hardcore product this time to great effect and have now pretty much achieved the white blonde I set out for several months back when I decided I'd been dark for far too long. Looking back, I can't believe I thought the very orange ginger colour I first achieved was blonde. I also purchased a purple dye alongside the new bleach, however I'm still too in awe of the blonde to want to taint it yet. Despite the fact that half the reason I wanted to go blonde again was because it would be easier to add colour too than the black I had previously.
Anyway, the big day came and went. I didn't sleep well the night prior to my birthday. Surprisingly I woke up feeling no different for hitting the big 25. I had to go to the office in the morning, which wasn't so bad. In the afternoon I napped before my boyfriend came home and I was thoroughly indulged with more presents than I can remember, more food than I could eat in a whole weekend (literally) and cava and TV. It might not sound like much but it's what I wanted and it was good :) The quietness of the evening was offset the next day when the better of my friends were kind enough to join me for an evening of sugar and alcohol.
So far, 25 hasn't been so bad. Seeing so many good friends and various presents intended to invoke younger days (including many sweets and a bubble gun!) left me feeling positively youthful. I have learnt that being 25 does not stop you having fun, wearing whatever you want (including ridiculously oversized hair flowers and epic high heels), eating whatever you want (in reasonable moderation), having silly and inappropriate conversations with friends or messing around with temporary tattoos.
I still want a piercing though, and the next tattoo is definitely on the cards since I have received contributions towards it :)
Well, that seems like more than enough for now. I'm just waiting on a new diary to arrive so I know what the hell I'm supposed to be doing with myself. In the mean time, I may well send emails.

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