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Sunday, 15 August 2010

Hey, I'm posting, is that not enough......

Well, this is pretty surprising, another post in less than a month! I might finally be catching on to this whole blogging lark. Still haven't managed to get my post on my plans for my next year done yet.
I suppose this might cover one of them. I've spent the past few days filtering through eBay looking for craft materials. I have plans of making jewellery and accessories. I got a sewing machine for my birthday, her name is Dolly, and I asked for it because I intended to make things, so I figure I should probably start making things. I'm not exactly highly skilled in the sewing department, so I think I'll start off with bags and cushion covers. I've been working on designs, now I need to commit and buy fabric. The thing is, my plans start getting complex, and my list grows to include eyelets, ribbons, chains, fabric paints etc. Then I start my jewellery plans, that require no use of my new sewing machine at all, but do require chains and pins and clasps and pliers. This is starting to look expensive. Hence eBay, an attempt to keep costs down.
Usually, my plans tend to fade at this point. I'll spend ages looking at eBay, adding stuff to my watch list, then losing enthusiasm and letting all the items end without buying anything, accumulating in my ended items list. I'm doing better this time though, I've actually bought some moulds and fimo to start making stuff. If I make it on to the next stage and actually make stuff, I'll let you know. Maybe, if I get far enough, I might be able to try and flog some of it to you ;)

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