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Monday, 29 November 2010


Not a very optimistic title is it. Be afraid, be very afraid.
Was so very hopeful for a good week. Had a nice relaxed weekend, got into making some Christmas decorations and gotto see my bestest friend and help her sell her soaps at a craft fair. Was in rather a creative and positive mood. Had planned to get up today, go to the craft shop (on the credit card, oops) and get on with some more making. Unfortunatley, within minutes of waking up I remembered I am signed up to give a presentation tomorrow on my actual work. Lame.
So now I'm sat at the computer trying to put together a half way intellectual presentation on the very slow pace of my work lately, while semi-freezing, on the verge of falling asleep and with a very painful right knee. The semi-freezing goes without explaination really, it's cold, damn cold. Not snowing here though, which I'm quite thankful for. The forecast has threatened snow a few times in recent days but checking this morning, all prospect seems to have disappeared, for now. Almost falling asleep is a pretty natural state for me to be found in. Got up much earlier than I have in ages yesterday to get to the craft fair to help out, felt good really, but was so knackered when I got home. After a few hours of starring into space I went to bed at 10. Didn't wake up til almost 10 this morning. So it's quite likely that my current tiredness is a result of oversleeping, although that argument never sits too well with me, I prefer to blame the cold and low light levels of this time of year. Maybe I need one of those light box things, or just a nap would suit me fine. Knee pain is a result of falling over the dog yesterday morning as he ran under my feet in an attempt to beat me into the lounge. It only hurts when it's bent so I could just keep my leg straight, but that's not massively conducive to keeping my feet warm, my sitting position of choice always involves legs curled up under or next to me.
Just realised how much moaning is involved in this post and not sure how long it'll actually stay published. I may read it again later and scrap the whole lot. It's all hideously ironic given I fell asleep reading a book called 'Being Happy' on the power of positive thinking and visualisation. Right now all I can visualise is curling up and sleeping. Not massively productive in the short term, but may bring long term benefits. Think I'm going to have a nap, try to nail this presentation, then reward myself with a trip to Hobbycraft. Will update later, if I'm awake.

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