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Friday, 19 November 2010

You're so vain

That's as maybe, but one thing for sure is that this blog is about me.
I've been in a hair related dilemma recently. Well, within reason anyway, it's not exactly been keeping me up at night. Since starting to go blonde back in March, while I have progressed gradually towards the near platinum white blonde I have so long lusted after, my hair has also suffered dramatic decline in condition. Not surprising or at all unexpected, the quantity and strength of bleach I have to use is quite disgusting really. My ends have taken one hell of a bettering and I eventually had to brave a visit to the hairdresser to have the damaged parts removed. My hairdresser was less than impressed with the quality of hair she was presented with and as a result I have lost the vast majority of the length I had, possibly a little more than I am actually comfortable with. While I am no stranger to short hair, even as short as it is now, I feel I have lost a little of the glamour I was begining to embrace. Worst of all, some parts are still horribly dry, brittle and unsightly :(
I was despairing. Contemplating a return to my darker days in an attempt to restore some gloss to my locks, and I do so love being blonde again (for now). But thank the stars, I have been saved!

Tigi Bed Head Dumb Blonde Reconstructor. A bit pricey for a conditioner, although a serious case of you get what you pay for (and slightly cheaper if you cleverly scour eBay instead of going into a salon). Only used it once so far, but it's made such a difference already. I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone and everyone, particularly those of you with chemically treated hair. Despite the name it's not exclusively for blondes. I was a little concerned at the colour, it being yellow and bleached hair having a horrible propensity for a) being easily stained an b) going brassy and yellow of its own accord. Suffice to say I have suffered no ill colouring effects, if anything I had a suspicion hair was less yellow after using it. Not all expensive cosmetic products are worth their inflated price tags, but my experience of Tigi products quality reassured me, and this is most definitely worth the £10-ish it cost me.  My blonde days shall hopefully long continue :)
Celebrations shall be had!


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