"Betty Leopard": Routine

Wednesday, 29 December 2010


While I'm not very good with a totally structured routine, complete lack of any structure does throw me a little off course. Christmas time is probably the ultimate in unstructured living. While staying at my parents I was sleeping til 10 or 11, staying up til 1, napping in the middle of the afternoon, eating when I pleased and showering at all times of day. The inset of my malaise hasn't helped any, with long amounts of time spent doing little but laying down. Today has been a day of nothing, feeling low and unwell I have only been out of bed for a few hours and eaten mostly chocolate. Needless to say, I feel completely out of sorts. However, I do not want to use this as a forum for my bad moods.
New Year is rapidly approaching, and it has never been my favorite time of year, athough in recent years I have tried to make the best of it, planning ahead and hoping for positive changes. Bright futures. I have a number of resolutions I want to make, and I will write a post on those closer to the time. Most importantly I need to remain hopeful and positive, because without that then everything else is pointless. If I feel better about myself then I should be more confident and I'll be able to do anything and everything I want.
I need to live life more, not worry about it or make plans that I never see through. We only get these chances once ;)

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