"Betty Leopard": Snow Day

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Snow Day

So I never got round to updating you after my big moan on Monday. Partly, I didn't want to re-read what I wrote. So much for the positive thinking I've been reading about. My second excuse would be the crippling headache/migrane that struck me late on Monday overnight into Tuesday.

I did nap after my last post. Then woke up and got on with my presentation. It wasn't that hard to do in the end. Got it finished but was too cold to go out to buy craft stuff. Annoyingly, as a result of the headache I never got to present the products of my labours. Spent Tuesday in bed, in the dark with a blanket wrapped round my head, sound hurt, light hurt and food made me feel ill. Not one of my better days. Felt better on Wednesday, got some work done and went to Hobbycraft to stock up on glue, felt, glitter and sequins.

Then Wednesday evening, the snow came. It was actually pretty exciting. Didn't notice until I went to lock the door at about 11, but we still went out into it. Everything was so still and perfect. The puppy loved it, he's never been in snow before. He ran round and round and round. I could have stood and looked at the snow for hours, but I didn't, it got too cold.

Today we got up and the snow was 5 inches deep. Apart from one car having left the car park, the snow was completely untouched, it was smooth and flat and white and perfect. That is, until the pup got out there. If he was hyped up when we went out in the night, he was insane during the day. He ran so much, in circles and up and down the car tracks. He even tried eating some snow but that made him cough. We threw snow balls for him that he, obviously, never found. Pete and I went walking, with the pup in his jacket, to find space where other people hadn't been. Making snow angels and running with the dog. It was so much fun. It was cold but I was wrapped up warm so much that I didn't notice the temperature, or maybe I just didn't care because I was having so much fun. I got to wear my hat!! It kept my ears warm and looked amazing. Score :) Took some pseudo-arty pics of snow covered trees. Not that I wish it snowed everyday, but I wish the world was more like it is on a snow day. Everything is quieter, calmer, less hurried. There are fewer cars. More people are outside enjoying themselves, and they are happier and friendlier. The pup in his jacket definitely made a lot of people smile.

Had to come home eventually and spent the rest of today making more xmas decorations. I was going to write about that but I got a bit carried away with the snow talk. I will save the decorations and craft talk for tomorrow.
Hope you are watm wherever you are.

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