"Betty Leopard": Critical Mass

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Critical Mass

I am feeling particularly fat today, well, for the past few days actually. Which goes nicely with the general malaise I am suffering from. I have little motivation to work but feel too guilty about doing things other than work, which means I end up sat doing very little at all. Which is a shame as I am, once again, accumulating crafty bits and bobs. Got some elastic today which I hope to make some head band type things out of. Still waiting on some iron-on interfacing though.
I am almost resigned to the fact that, if I want to make an actual difference to the way my body looks, I am going to have to join the gym. I've been putting it off for ages, telling myself I'll just put in the effort at home, it's not worth the money because I won't go, etc.  I really think it's about time to bite the bullet. There's not much more I can do to change my diet, I'm not really gaining weight (other than the odd little fluctuation) so I don't think the food is the problem, which is a shame because that would be much easier to fix.
I've been told that the benefits of exercise are really quite significant, but I've never really seen them. Apparently, working out might actually help boost my mood in the long run as well. My experience of exercise however, is just getting nastily sweaty and then being horribly tired. I hate sweating, and I am tired enough as it is without increasing my energy expenditure. I am in a bit of a grump at the moment though.
I will stop inflicting my bad mood on you, for now.

PS. Needless to say, my statutory afternoon nap has lifted my mood somewhat. Joining the gym will be a good thing (as long as I remember to actually go), and it will make me look and feel better. I need to stop being so cranky. Going to see my most wonderful, amazing friend this evening, we shall either cheer each other up or drag each other down, but we will be doing it together and that can't be bad :)

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