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Friday, 14 January 2011

Saying Yes

Well, as one of my New Years resolutions was to get out more, do more, have more fun and all that. Part of that really comes down to saying Yes more. Far too often No is my default answer when I'm asked to do something, go somewhere or see someone, and not usually for any good reason. I get stuck it a rut of doing nothing far too easily.
This week I've been trying to put that into practice an get out and do things, with reasonable success.

On Wednesday evening I went over to see my beautiful, wonderful and amazing best friend, Miss Kitty Bob Barrett. We have known each other since uni and she's one of very few uni people I actually keep in regular contact with. Her brain works in a very similar way to mine so we share interests, problems and understand exactly how each other feel. We do, however, both suffer from the same issues when it comes to seeing people, even each other. As such, I hadn't seen her since before Christmas, so Wednesday was the first chance we'd had to exchange gifts.
I had bought her a copy of A Vegan Girls Guide to Life by Melisser Elliott, which has loads of information about vegan food, crafts, beauty and people. Kit seemed pretty impressed with it, which made me smile, I think it's already cost her money though as she's been sourcing vegan cooking ingredients that the book recommends. Baking, particularly vegan baking, is something Kit and I are both pretty interested in and we're always buying and sharing good vegan books and recipes as well as the unusual ingredients the recipes usually call for.
As the lovely, lovely lady that she is, Kit bought me far too much (I intend to make up the deficit soon as it is her birthday next week :p). I got a really thick cookie book, not vegan but that just gives me an extra task in veganising them, and even better she got it in a charity shop. I love a good charity shop find :) In addition to the brilliant book she got me loads of baking accesories, a huge tub of sprinkles (you can never have too many sprinkles!), edible glitter, tiny cupcake cases, skully cupcake cases and edible paper googley eyes. THEN! She also made me a charm bracelet with cakey, foodey charms that she made herself  (she's a very talented lady), which is so cute, and (randomly) a load of onion bulbs because she had ar too many. I am thoroughly thrilled :)

I did also take some Ben and Jerry's Phish Food frozen yogurt over, as Kit hasn't been feeling too well. I'd not actually tried their frozen yogurt before, but am a massive fan of their ice cream. I was very plesantly surprised by the frozen yogurt, even more so when I saw how few calories it had (in comparison to the ice cream!), all the yumminess and a lot less of the guilt. If only my freezer was actually big enough for me to have ice cream in regularly. 10 out of 10, thumbs up, A* and all that :D I also hope they come out with a cookie dough version soon (that's my absolute favorite ice cream ever and always).

 I think that's probably enough of me for now. On a final note, I have already mentioned how wonderful and massively talented Kitty is, but in case you need more proof.....She makes her own soaps and bath type proucts and sells them online through Folksy under her own brand Bits N Bobs (Bob is another of her nicknames). You really should check her site out, everything is stupidly underpriced and she is massively efficient in shipping things out. Great presents and treats for yourself.

All the best,

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