"Betty Leopard": A whole lot of random distractions

Saturday, 8 January 2011

A whole lot of random distractions

I'm supposed to be writing a report about my research progress so far. It's very, very dull. Not helped by the fact that my brain feels like it's made up of sticky cotton wool today after suffering a headache of epic proportions over night :( Thankfully it doesn't hurt anymore, but full functioning capacity has yet to be restored.
So far today I've written maybe ten lines of the report. The rest of my time has been spent listening to a very random assortment of music, staring out my patio doors and windows shopping. Somehow found myself listening to Rihanna, which is as much of a surprise to me as anyone else, I'm not exactly a Rihanna R&B pop sort of girl. Managed to move myself onto something slightly more reasonable, a bit of Katy Perry. Laugh all you want, I actually quite like Katy Perry, although not in a strictly musical sense.....Anyway.
Ramone the local Robin has been around in the garden providing me with some entertainment. I made bird cake a little while ago and have been putting it out to provide good energy and nutrition for the local bird population. I enjoy feeding birds and watching them visit our garden, it's very relaxing. My bird cake is amazing, it's got left over cereal, bird seed, raisins, peanuts and crushed insects in it, if I were a bird I'm pretty sure that would be an irresistible banquet :) The crushed insects really stink though.

My bird cake never works out as hard as I expect it, even after chilling for days. I was planning on cutting it into tiny pieces to put out, but instead have to scoop it out with a spoon and leave lumps on the bird feeder. Don't suppose the birds really mind in what form it's presented to them though.

Continuing in my failure to stop shopping, I remembered about this dress just now.
Leopard print 1950's Tea Dress by Trollied Dolly
I fell in love when I first saw it before Christmas while I was meant to be shopping for other people. In all the festive chaos that followed I had completely forgotten about it until today. It has only one downside, the price tag of £49. Now, it is worth every penny, I'm just not sure I should be spending all those pennies on a dress, in January. Having said that, I did get £50 from my grandparent for Christmas that I technically haven't spent yet. I may have to go do some accounting and see what I can do.

Got to dash, there is a pigeon eating all the bird food I put out....

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