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Tuesday, 22 February 2011


The Chicken being me, as I backed out of my Lancome consultation last minute. I wasn't actually feeling very well at the time and my skin is truly terrible, but truth be told I kinda mostly made up my mind about it when I looked at their products online and discovered that the lovely serum I had been given a free sample of cost £75 to buy!! The Genifique Youth Activating Serum I got is a lovely product, it really does improve the texture of your skin (to the touch that is, I haven't noticed any significant improvement in skin texture when not wearing the stuff) and makes make up you apply over it look wonderful, more so than the primer I have been experimenting with. But £75! Maybe to some of you more fashionista types that sound entirely reasonable, but I'm a postgrad student who still used Clean & Clear on her spots, so to me, that sounds like an awful lot of money. Not all their products are quite so expensive, but I couldn't face the possibility of being plied with wonderful products that would bankrupt me. I still intend to get a new skin care regime, but it will have to wait until at least next month when I have some cash again.
Never fear, I am not destitute. Money situation has not been helped by the plethora of wonderful things I have been finding on eBay lately :/ In the past week I have bought a boob tube in very pale pink/nude with black swallows printed on, a Criminal Damage dress with swallows on (still running with that theme), a grey leopard print hoodie and a red dress with hearts and, yeh, swallows. I think I may have searched 'swallows' in the women's clothing section, a definite financial mistake. On the plus side I am excited about receiving lovely parcels and the prospect of new outfits and the places I can wear them does boost my mood. I'll try and photograph everything when it arrives.
Although, my ability to take photographs may be significantly impeeded by the fact that my camera has finally given up the ghost, although it did reach a ripe old age for a digital camera (the screen on the back was only an inch across!). I'm getting by using the boys camera for now, but he does like to take it away with him which means I don't have it all the time. I would like a new camera of my own but have no idea what makes a good camera, especially within a limited budget. This will require some investigation and possibly braving a proper camera shop for advice.

On a completely separate note, you may have noticed my little revamp. I very much liked the poppies, but I'm not feeling so cutesy at the moment, so I went for the ever reliable leopard print, to match a large proportion of my wardrobe. Much more me ;)


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