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Thursday, 17 February 2011

Time Out

I've taken a little time off this morning to run some errands and get my head in order.
Needed to pop into town for yet more printer ink and some foundation, as I was running at a critically low leve of bothl. I've spent more than my monthly clothes budget on printer ink this month, which is very, very sad. Hopefully, I won't have to buy more after this, but I'm not counting my chickens yet.
For a change, I went to John Lewis instead on Boots to get my foundation. Foundation is one area of my make-up where I don't skimp and have accepted that £30 is actually a bargain for a good one. I wear Lancome Colour Ideal in 010, I like the colour and the coverage, and I also can't be bothered with scouring the beauty counters looking for an alternative. It was my first venture into liquid foundation when I first tried it, previously I had been using a pressed powder type product from Max Factor, which went on very thick and creased easily but as a teenageer I was even less inclined to engage the beauty counter ladies than I am now. Needless to say I haven't looked back, and these days my foundation is about the most grown-up part of my beauty regime.
Anyone who has stuck with me for a little while, may remember that part of my New Years Resolution list was to invest in more grown-up skin care, not that I'm concerned with being grown up or acting my age, but my skin isn't 16 any more and should probably be being treated better. So, as part of my encounter with the Lancome lady in John Lewis, and completely caught up in the little bit of glamour the experience exudes, I have an appointment for a 'complimentary' skin consultation next Tuesday. Now, I say 'complimentary' because, while there may be no charge for the actual consultation process, it would be naive to think that I will be able to leave said session without having made a couple of purchases. At least I am aware of this prior to the appointment, but I figure every girl eserves a treat once in a while, especially when she's been doing as much tedious work I as have lately. I will certainly set myself a limit of how much I will spend, but I'm pretty sure it'll need to go on the credit card til the end of the month :/ The slightly crazy part is the fact that I am a) planning what I should wear on such an occasion and b) planning on putting extra time into my skin care over the next few days to ensure I look the best I can without my make-up to impress the consultant, it's a bit like cleaning before a cleaner comes round so they don't think you're untidy. I'm all for getting a bit of glamour into everyday life, so I am actually really looking forward to being indulged.
I'm also hoping that a little bit of pampering might lift my mood a bit, as the past week or so I've been feeling a bit low. Largely it's a result of all the work I'm having to do, with no time for anything I particularly enjoy, but also the fact that the lack of time has meant my exercise programme has been put on hold and somehow I've gained about 4 pounds, taking me back over 11 stone :( It's got me down quite a lot, so anything that can lift my spirits quickly would be very welcome. Sorry, didn't want this to be another moany blog.
Anyway. I hope it is sunny where you are. Almost feels like spring.

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