"Betty Leopard": Correction

Saturday, 19 March 2011


After my Movies post a few days ago I have been instructed in the virtues of Monsters by a good friend. Thank you Jenny :)
For a film with only 2 hired extras and one camera, it's actually quite impressive. Although, finding out about it being a low budget, independent deal, I am even more convinced that they should have cut back on actually showing the creatures in question.
I'm sorry if my grumpiness came across and made it seem like I didn't like this movie, I did, and I think you should watch it. Even more so now.

I am yet to be corrected on my views of Jonah Hex.

More movies you should watch; The Aviator (I already knew I loved it and it happened to be on TV last night) and R.E.D. If you're bored, which you muct be if you're reading this :p

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