"Betty Leopard": Recovery and Wonder Woman

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Recovery and Wonder Woman

I'm sorry for my last post, I was feeling incredibly out of sorts and needed to vent.
In all honesty, I'm still not feeling 100%, partly my usual internal rumblings of discontent, but I'm also not feeling in particularly good health today. Last night I started feeling quite light headed and weak, then today I have had a headache, aching muscles and still generally weak. Having spent most of the day in bed and finally having managed to eat something, I'm feeling a little better, but still not great. Unfortunately, sleeping during the day may now prevent me from sleeping tonight. Silly Girl.

But, let's forget about that for now. Onwards and Upwards and all that :)
I discovered today that MAC cosmetics have lauched a Wonder Woman limited edition range. My geekish tendencies do extend to comic books and I have long considered myself a fan of Wonder Woman, (although I don't actually own many comics featuring her). I also love MAC make-up, although again, I don't own anywhere near as much as I'd like. I'm pretty sure I'm going to have to buy myself at least something from the range, even if it's only for the novelty of owning Wonder Woman branded make-up, I might never use it, but it's something just worth owning to look at and show off :p
Top of my list is probably the Wonder Woman Lipstick in Russian Red. While I like the look of the other colours, red is definitely the one I'd be most likely yo use. Look at it, look at the wonderful packaging! I want it.

I'm also rather keen on the eye shadow sets, particularly the pinky purple hues of Defiance, although the blueish greys of Lady Justice are also quite appealing. Think I'm happier with pink eyeshadows than blues though, if it weren't for finances I would totally have both :p.
Othe products include a mascara (in 4 colours, including purple, I've always stuck to black but love the idea of coloured mascara), lipgloss, blush, nail varnish and a rather intriguing pigment in fuschia pink or marine blue. There are also accesories like brushes and make-up bags, but if I start getting into all that then I'll have no money left for the rest of the month :/
If you're spoilt for choice or stuck to know how to use the colours, there is also a great pdf of ideas put together by MAC designers to give you some ideas (and obviously to try to get you to part with huge amounts of cash).
If I buy some I'll have a play and let you know how I find it.
Expect a post on shoes soon, another of my weaknesses and something I hope to be able to indulge myself in sometime soon.
Hope you are keeping well,

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