"Betty Leopard": Brownie

Monday, 11 April 2011


I intended to post this a couple of weeks ago, but as with all my best laid plans, time scales slipped a bit. Oops.
I had to photograph this brownie when it arrived infront of me at Ceno's Restaurant in Southampton. My sister, mum, boyf and I were out for a pretend Mother's Day lunch, as we wouldn't all be able to get together on actual Mother's Day.
I'm pretty sure I'd ordered the brownie here before (part of their Sunday Lunch menu), but I don't remember it being so large. I can usually rise to most dessert challenges, but after the huge main I had, I just couldn't manage to finish.
My overall assessment is that it was a pretty decent dessert, not a perfect brownie, nowhere near gooey enough, much more like a dense chocolate cake, I like my brownie to be crisp on top but definitely sticky in the middle. I also don't like nuts in a brownie, I think these were walnuts, not that it makes a difference, nuts are nuts and I would never choose to have them in a brownie. They weren't so prevalent that they ruined it, but it would have been better without.
As much of a chocolate fan as I am, I can often recognise a choc-overload, and this was just that. Vanilla ice cream would have been a better choice in my mind, and the sauce could have been hotter, I love hot choc sauce and vanilla ice cream :p

The remains of the cake didn't go to waste. The boyf happily polished off both my and my mum's leftovers. He normally doesn't eat things containing dairy, but always makes an exception in the case of food that would otherwise be wasted. I'm pretty sure he enjoyed it too ;)

Hope you have all been enjoying some good weather :)

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