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Monday, 30 May 2011

Double Stuff

Oh yes, I got my hands on yet another 'new' Oreo product :) Oreo Double Stuff.
Now I say 'new' as I'm pretty sure this is a product that has been available in the US for ages, but has only relatively recently has made the trip across the Atlantic and found its way onto our UK supermarket shelves. I first saw an advert for Double Stuffs a few weeks back, but last time I did my shop I couldn't find them, but this time, success! I finally got my hands on them this morning, but was very good and waited all day before cracking the packet open. Even then, I prolonged my own suspense with a drawn out 'photo shoot'.

My verdict: Yum!
There's very little here not to like (provided you like Oreos in the first place). There's a huge amount of cream, which is fantastic, as it's easily the best bit of the Oreo.
I don't know about you, but I love to savour my Oreo experience. For a start, I never find them as easy to split as they are in the adverts, they usually involve some pretty forceful twisting. Another benefit of the Double Stuff seems to be the additional distance between the biscuits makes it easier to separate the two without breakages, which I find often happens with the regular ones. Then the cream is so yummy, I don't want to rush through it. I don't care what I could win as part of a 'lick race' I'm not rushing the experience and risking indigestion, I'm going to enjoy my Oreo. Also, there's so much cream in the Double Stuff, I actually get a bit of tongue and jaw ache from all the licking (ooo-err-missus). Not much to comment on with the biscuit, it's good, but it's always been good, no difference here (dunking is a must).
Another good reason for avoiding this hideous concept of a 'lick race' (as if I needed one) is the hideous mess I tend to make of my fingers when indulging in my Oreo ritual. I end up rather sticky with lots of crumbs behind my nails, not a good look :/

Given a choice between regular and Double Stuff Oreos, I think you'd be mad not to take the Double Stuff, all thet's good in an Oreo, doubled :) Definitely a better result of product development than Oreo Cakesters (avoid!).
Now, I'm just waiting on Nabisco bringing more of their Oreo range over, particularly; Oreo Chocolate Cream (and Double Stuff), Milk Choc covered Mint Oreos, Oreo Choc Fudge Sandwich Oreo Ice Cream Cones and the Oreo Ice Cream Sandwich! If I lived in the US I'd have no chance of losing weight :/

I just have one question though; why are US Oreos vegan, while the ones in the UK contain whey powder from milk?

Cookies and Milk are a simple pleasure that you should never grow out of!
Best Wishes

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