"Betty Leopard": Guess Who's Back, Back Again..

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Guess Who's Back, Back Again..

Betty's back!

For now anyway. You may or may not know that I've been having some personal difficulties of late, which, as a result of a bad experience, I have chosen to keep separate from this blog. If you want to check out the darker side of my life, feel free to head to my new blog "Black Betty". Beware, it's pretty much the opposite of this blog and might not always make for easy reading.
Anyway, I have neglected this, my original blog, and I want to try to keep up some reasonably regular posts here as a counterpoint to my darker experiences. For now, I'm more likely to be writing about things I've seen rather than things I've done, but still things that I think are worth sharing.

So, Etsy.
I'm a bit of a late-comer to this online marketplace. I've been aware of it for a long time, and have done a fair amount of browsing in recent months, inspired by my dear friend Kitty who sources wonderful moulds for her soaps on there. However, I have resisted actually purchasing anything, until today. Now I fear for my bank balance, for I have found so many wonderful, interesting and unique items on there that I long to own. I fell out of love with the high street a long time ago, prefering more individual items and certianly loving the idea of hand crafted objects made with love and care by some wonderfully creative individuals. Etsy is seemingly endless in its ability to satisfy these desires.
The item I bought today was a birthday present for my sister, I won't say what as there's a small chance she may read this. I think it is beautiful and I hope she does too, it's often hard to judge as we're such different people that I often fear that if I like something, she may feel the exact opposite about it. Anyway. I have so far managed not to splurge on things for myself, but if I were to do so, it would include at least one item from Janine Basil. I am totally enthralled with her Comic inspired fascinators/headbands, with the pink Pow being top of my list right now. Again, I just love how different they are from anything I have ever seen. Also, starting at just under £15 (not including p&p) I think they're an absolute bargain, even in my current less-than-flush financial state :) She does has a large range of headbands that aren't comic themed, including, bows and hearts and stars, I just love these so so very much.

Bam comic headband, yellow and pink
Pow comic headband, shocking pink and white
Kapow comic headband, purple and lime green
Zap comic headband, yellow and red

Now, after compiling a list of Janine Basil fascinators that I want that is about as long as my arm, I didn't allow myself too much time to look at the jewellery. However, one shop I have to mention is Rose and Raven. Her range of jewellery is truly beautiful, modern yet elegant with designs to suit a range of tastes. There are items here I would buy for myself, things I considered for my sister and other items I can see my mum wearing (although my mum is particularly funky). Some of my favorites are shown below.

On a Wing Necklace
Fleur Silver Locket
Golden Honey Bee Locket Necklace

I suppose this does kind of tie in with my Black Betty blog, in that I find shopping very therapeutic and also, when I'm feeling particularly bad, I have overwhelming urges to spend lots of money :/ That may be part of the reason I'm now the proud owner of a flashy new camera. I'll write about that, and be able to post proper pictures again, soon.

Thanks for the support,

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