"Betty Leopard": June 2011

Monday, 27 June 2011

Finding Time

I have been a bad blogger lately, I am sorry. Between work, holiday and generally trying to keep myself going, I haven't had much time or motivation to write. Not that I've had a shortage of things to write about, I have tabs piling up in my browser with things I want to blog about :/ As I'm not feeling too bad this evening I figured I'd take the opportunity, just in case I take a downward turn and lose this inspiration. Unfortunately the inspiration hasn't rubbed off on my actual work yet, but was getting a bit crafty with felt earlier :)

Anyway, I didn't just pick a time theme because of my recent absence. While I was on holiday my lack of a watch started to bother me. While I'm at home it hasn't really been an issue, I'm usually at a computer or in a room with a clock, or I pretty much always have my phone at my side to check the time on. However, on holiday I didn't want my phone on and by my side all the time, I didn't have my computer in front of my face and the villa didn't have a working clock, especially not out by the pool. As such, I was reliant on other people to tell me the time, which isn't massively convenient.
I've always had an issue with watches, I think they're often expensive, I don't like wearing them all the time, they don't all always suit every outfit I wear (if I think one is expensive I'm hardly going to have multiple styles!) and then I never get the batteries replaced when they go flat. I probably haven't worn a watch in a good couple of years. However, I was inspired on the flight home, when I saw a fellow passengers watch, which was pretty much a small pocket watch type thing on a wrist strap that was more of a bracelet made of thin straps of leather. I'm not sure if that's a good description, but anyway, I was inspired to look into something more like a pocket watch on a piece of jewellery, rather than a standard watch. Now where oh where could I find such a thing? My first port of call was obviously Etsy!
Searching "pocket watch" on Etsy turns up a vast quantity of results, and within the first page I rediscovered my (secret) passion for steam punk (I say secret because, as much as I like the style, I don't think I own anything that could be described as steam punk, a lot of the time because it's expensive). I suppose it's not surprising that a lot of pocket watched fall into the steam punk category, with the Victorian connotations and the fact that a lot of steam punk designs are based on the idea of cogs, watch mechanisms and mechanics. Maybe I was aware of this subconsciously, which is what attracted me to the idea of a pocket watch in the first place, or maybe I can blame my oversight on my impaired brain function :/ (maybe?)
I found some truly stunning pieces. While I had initially looked for bracelets, I found more in the way of necklaces and have come to very much like the idea of a watch on a necklace. Some of my favorites are pictured below.

Vintage Leaf and Bird Pocket Watch Necklace
Black Ball Pocket Watch Necklace

Spider Queen Victoriana Necklace

I haven't bought one yet, it's the end of the month so my budget tightens up a bit, but I would like to get one soon if I can. I guess it does need to join the long list of things I'd like to treat myself too though :/ I think the last one is my favorite so far. There were a lot of spherical ones with wings that I quite liked until one of the descriptions informed me that it was meant to be a ball from the game of Quidditch in Harry Potter and I (at the risk of losing readers) really, really don't like Harry Potter. Sorry. Please forgive me :)

Best Wishes,
Hopefully I won't be gone as long as last time.