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Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Calorie Counting

Skinny Cow Chocolate Brownie Ice Cream Bar Thing - 93 calories each
Unsurprisingly quite small, but doesn't melt too quickly so still feels like you're getting a lot as it takes a while to eat. Low fat ice cream isn't terribly satisfying, not being very creamy. Brownie bits are a little dry and kind of unneccessary, would prefer a chocolate sauce. It's not as good as a regular ice cream, but you buy low-fat low calorie ice cream for a reason, and for 93 calories they're not a bad distraction from real desserts.

Snack-A-Jack Chocolate Chip Rice Cakes - 62 calories each
Rice cakes are definitely designed for dieters, I'm not sure I know anyone who doesn't care about calories who eat rice cakes. I think flavoured rice cakes are a bit of a false economy though, these definitely aren't nice enough to warrant giving up 62 calories of something else. I prefer the Tesco Disney themed Apple rice cakes at 85 calories a bag (yes they are meant for kids). Fake chocolate products just make me want real chocolate all the more.

Jaffa Cakes - 43 calories each
I don't actually have proper McVities Jaffa Cakes, this is based on Tesco own brand Jaffa Cakes. They aren't bad, satisfying as a cakey biscuity vaguely chocolatey treat. 43 calories isn't bad either, but who can eat just one Jaffa Cake!? I've managed to mostly limit myself to 2 or 3 as a post dinner evening snack, to curb my sweet treat craving without over indulging. But if I can control my cravings like that then why don't I just have some managed indulgence in something I really like, like carrot cake, or cookies.

So, if I can treat myself in under 100 calories, what would I choose?
A Skinny Cow Ice Cream? One and a half chocolate rice cakes? two and a half Jaffa Cakes?

Or just 25g of Carrot Cake?

Not much competition in my book :)

I am a very bad dieter. I'm constantly looking for the short cuts to getting the things I crave while trying to cut back the calories. I even consider Slim Fast milkshakes, just because they're milkshakes!! Really need to get a proper grip on my will power if I'm going to do this.

Fingers crossed

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