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Monday, 25 July 2011


eBay used to terrify me. I would search for wild and weird things, pink glitter sunglasses and band merchandise that was only available in the US. It was a long time before searching turned to buying, and to this day I prefer Buy-It-Now items to auctions. I find the bidding process ridiculously stressful, the very first time I bought an auction item I actually had to get my boyfriend at the time to do it for me, I just couldn't face it. These days auctions are more of a problem in terms of how much money I will spend, I often continue bidding beyond my set maximum just to spite that last minute bidder who thinks they can steal that item from under my nose.
I now have a reasonable feedback score over 180 from regularly buying clothes, baking paraphernalia, comics and even gifts. eBay is one of the first places I look for things or cheaper alternatives to items I've seen elsewhere. If it's not on eBay you probably can't get it.
While I am a regular eBay buyer, it was only last week when I made the leap to also being an eBay seller. I have long considered selling some of my belongings online. I have a lot of stuff, I know I have a lot of stuff, my boyfriend regularly reminds me of how much stuff I have. I usually respond by informing him that I am a girl, I need to have a lot of things! Although I am increasingly coming to the realisation that a lot of my stuff is actually just useless crap. So, having received an email about a weekend of no insertion fees, I decided to dig out some of the better items from the charity bag that I have successfully forgotten to put out for more than a year. I photographed about 8 items, a couple of skirts, a few tops and a dress, inspected for damage or defects and took measurements. The actual process of listing the items was awfully time consuming, so much so that I was bored after listing just 3 of the items and gave up. All were set at a start price of 99p and were on 5 day auctions. So I sat back and waited. Actually, that's far too calm. I regularly checked my selling page to see if anyone was watching or bidding. After 5 days, one skirt didn't sell, the other went for 99p with £2 p&p with the dress going for £1.70 also with £2. So then I waited for payment, then packed up the items and printed postage, which was more or less £2 for each item.
Now I am waiting hopefully, and nervously, for my customers to receive their items. From all this I've made a grand profit of less than £2. While this is more than if I had given the items to charity, given the effort involved, I'd rather have the feel good factor of donating to a good cause rather than a lousy few pennies. I don't think I'll be rushing to sell anything on eBay again. Maybe I'll try a car-boot sale to shift some of my junk next time.

Well, I guess I'll go see what I can get for my money on eBay,

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