"Betty Leopard": Walking Contradiction

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Walking Contradiction

So, one of my greatest pleasures is eating cake, not so distantly followed by making cake. But right now, I'm on a diet, and it's soooooo hard. I can't eat cake and I can't even distract myself by making cake (well, I suppose technically I could make cake for other people, but that's just not as enjoyable.
It's been nearly a week since I started counting those calories properly, and I've only lost a pound so far, and that's a pound that would occasionally fluctuate of its own accord anyway. I would like to provide assurance that I am doing this sensibly, I'm not starving myself, just paying much more attention to the calorie content of food and trying to take in a few fewer of them in the hope of shedding just a couple of pounds.
I'm also doing some exercise as well, not masses, but some is a darn sight more than my usual. I'm just not the exercise type. I've been giving Gillian Michael's 30 Day Shred a go. It's not too bad, although I'm still sticking to level 1 and am not doing it everyday like you're supposed to, but then again, I just want to lose some hip and thigh related blubber, not get all uber toned like her . It's only a 20 minute work out but still gets my heart rate up and makes me more sweaty that I'm comfortable with, so it must be doing something, right?
I've got myself some Skinny Cow choc fudge ice-cream things as an occassional treat, apparently they're only 99 calories, which I can just about squeeze into my allowance. I hope they live up to expectations, low fat, low calorie, diet foods are often a big let down and leave me wishing I hadn't even indulged myself :/ I'll let you know what I think.

I hope my will power holds out

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