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Monday, 22 August 2011

Check me out, I'm like Flavor-Flav

So I thought I'd put up some pictures of my hair, now I've tweeked it a little bit more to my liking.

I basically just put a load of the dye I had left from my last go at turquoise over the top of the green, blue and yellow that was put in at the hairdressers. I knew it wouldn't cover it completely, and I like the effect where you can still see some of the darker blue and the yellow. I'll probably only stick with this for a few weeks though. It will need cutting in the next 3 or 4 weeks and I'll remove the colour when I bleach my roots before I get it cut.
I'm also really loving the lipgloss I'm wearing in this picture. It's Rimmel Vinyl Gloss in Pin Up. Apart from the brilliant name, it's a great colour. As much as I adore lipstick, sometimes lipgloss is easier :/

Today I went into the office. I wore my Wonder Woman T-Shirt, as I was handing in a really big report that has taken so much time and effort to get sorted, and I felt like a little bit of a superhero having finally finished. I'm also really enjoying being ablr to feel comfortable in jeans and a tee again since losing some weight. It had got to the point where all my t-shirts were very tight and would ride up as I walked, but now they all fit really well and I have room inside them. It's a really great feeling :)
I also wore my new(ish) watch necklace. I blogged about getting one a while ago, and a friend of mine said she had one that she'd never worn, so I bought it of her. It's nice to be able to check the time without constantly getting my phone out.

I've had a few comments about it just being a nice pendant, and people seem strangely impressed to learn it's also a watch. One of my work friends said it made me look like a hip-hop artist with a clock round my neck. Lol.  Not quite what I was going for. What do you reckon? Can you tell the difference? Haha.


Hope all is well,

PS. This post in no-way endorses Hip-Hop, I think it's shit.


  1. Aww thank you, that's nice of you to say :)
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