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Wednesday, 24 August 2011

The Lounge

I was very excited when I first heard about The Lounge, a new 'Craft Cafe bar' that opened in Bedford Place, Southampton.
Although they've been open since June, today was the first opportunity I have had to check it out, and had arranged to meet up with one of my oldest friends to see what was on offer.
It has been such a lovely day here today, really sunny and warm, so was perfect for enjoying the walk down, and the cafe has a lovely big window that let all the sunshine in. The place is really nicely decorated, some walls are turquoise and some have accent wallpaper on. It looks cool and stylish but without feeling intimidating or uncomfortable. The tables are all decoupaged, covered in pages from books or sheet music or maps. We were sat at the thesaurus table, where certain key words, like relax, were highlighted.
The staff were also really nice, and brought our order too us at our table, not enough places do that anymore.
I ordered apple juice and toasted pitta with houmous. Hannah had tea. I was tempted by their range of teas, I've never been a big tea drinker but I'm becoming more of a fan of flavoured teas, but it was a bit hot for tea in my opinion. Then we both got a slice a carrot cake each. I have blogged about my love of carrot cake before, so I take up almost every opportunity to sample one :) It was a yummy carrot cake with lovely orange-y frosting. While it wasn't the best one I've had (sorry, but I've had a lot of carrot cakes), it was still really nice and definitely one I would be happy to eat again. It was a really generous serving and I was really full afterwards, in fact I'm still not very hungry!
Yummy Carrot Cake with Orange Frosting
I had a lovely afternoon and hope to be able to go back soon to sample some more of the menu, which includes various All-Day Breakfast items (Bacon Sandwich, Pancakes with Syrup, Scrambled Eggs) as well as stuffed pittas and wraps.
There is also a craft space at the back, called Stitch, where they hold a range of craft workshops, from Basic Sewing and Mother and Baby Workshops, to learning about altering clothing and making items for your home. If you don't own a sewing machine then don't worry, they also have a number of machines available for a few extra pounds. I haven't been to any of the sessions yet, but do hope I can find the time at some point!

Details of opening, location, menu and events can all be found on their website; http://www.loungecafe.co.uk/

If you don't have plans for this bank holiday weekend, I do believe they are doing free cake when you buy a drink, as well as having live music.

Hoping you are well,

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