"Betty Leopard": The problem with falling in love online

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

The problem with falling in love online

I needed to pay a visit to the city centre today as I had a hairdressers appointment, and I couldn't have let the occasion pass without a little bit of shopping!
Obviously, my first port of call was Topshop to see the wonderful coat that captured my heart last week! Alas, the dangers of falling in love with a picture on a website were all too evident :( The faux fur was coarse, the leopard spots were a lot more spot and not very much leopard, and, worst of all, the fit was altogether unflattering. At least there was no call for wrestling with my conscience on the shop floor over whether I could justify parting with £98. I don't see how I could have justified more than £20 for it.

So, as I technically saved myself nearly a hundred pounds, I bought myself a few little treats.
I happened to be walking in the vicinity of Hotel Chocolat, and the gravitational pull of all that chocolate dragged me right through the door. They were giving out samples of their Raspberry Ripple Puddles, which were very nice indeed. I don't know how it happened, but before I knew it I was stood in the queue with a selection of yummies. I got salted caramel and praline marbles, Dizzy pralines, Salted Soft Caramels and Dark Chocolate Brownie Chocs. The salted caramel and praline marbles are amazing, I had them before quite a while ago but then they were discontinued, but now they're back and I'm very pleased :) I know I'm on a diet, but with fancier (and pricier) chocolates like these I don't eat them in a binge like I might a bar of Galaxy, I eat them more slowly to properly enjoy them, so overall I eat less. That's my theory anyway.

Even the Hotel Chocolat bag makes me smile :)
My yummy treats :)
I also picked up some new nail varnishes, as I've been painting my nails a lot recently. I haven't actually bought nail varnish in a while, so was enjoying looking at all the awesome colours, took me a while to pick any, but ended up with a pale-ish pink, a coral and a white, all from Rimmel. I like Rimmel nail varnishes, as they have loads of colour and at £3, they're not too expensive.

 Hairdressers appointment isn't much to comment on. I was being a colour model, which meant free colour. The toner they used on my blonde was great, and I'll be getting that done again. The colour, well, I like the colours in themselves, but the way they've been applied is a bit too subtle for my liking. I may take a pic for you or I may not. Most likely, I'll put another colour in there within the next few days, make it more me.

I think that's more than enough of me for now,
Hope you're well,

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