"Betty Leopard": Glossy Box Product Review

Monday, 19 September 2011

Glossy Box Product Review

I've been quite preoccupied the past few days preparing a talk I have to give tomorrow :/ But I have still had to wash, which has given me plenty of opportunity to test out some of my Glossy Box products.

I really like the Dead Sea Spa Magik Salt Brushing. It is an amazingly effective exfoliator, I've used it mostly on my arms and also my face. I know it's meant for the body but with the bad skin I'm still suffering with (although it has improved a bit) I'm willing to try anything!! Personally, I think it did wonders, my skin was definitely softer and clearer the nest day. My arms were also much improved, and I really dislike the skin on my arms. Even though there were only two sachets in the box, it goes a long way (if you're careful) and I've still got one and a bit sachets left. Something to keep in mind though, it says use while stood in a bath or shower, and now I see why; the stuff goes everywhere!

As I've been slumming it a little while I've been preparing the presentation I haven't been putting my make-up on, so have only tried out the HD Brow Kit once. Nevertheless, I'm very impressed with it. it's easy to use and the brush included is god for getting a nice brow shape. I believe that the colours can also be used as eyeshadow or eyeliner, which is good as I'm only going to use one colour for my brows and don't want the rest to go to waste. When I've got my whole face on I'll take a picture so you can check out the effect.

The Neal & Wolfe Hair Shine Spray is also impressive. My hair looks shiny even though I only bleached it a few days ago. It smells great as well, like you've just walked out of the salon. Again, I've only used it once so I'm still a little concerned that if it builds up it might start to make my hair look greasy.

Just a short post for today. I'll be back with something more substantial after I get this stupid talk out of the way.


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