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Thursday, 15 September 2011

Introducing Glossy Box

While a lot of you out there in the blogosphere are probably already well acquainted with Glossy Box, I only found out about it in the past month, and I'd imagine some of my readers will not be so familiar with the concept.
Glossy Box related blog posts started popping up in my Twitter feed a few weeks ago, after they held a promotional event for a few lucky bloggers. Upon reading these posts I learnt that Glossy Box is a subscription service that delivers a selection of 5 'high-end brand' beauty products to your door on a monthly basis. Now I'm not usually much of a high-end brand beauty product type of girl, partly because of budget constraints and partly because I don't always believe that a significantly higher cost guarantees a significantly better product. However, at £10 per month (plus £2.95 p&p), Glossy Box kind of overcomes my issues, it makes it easy and cheap to give products a test run, as well as introducing you to brands and products you may not have come across or thought to use all wrapped up with the extra bonus of an exciting and beautiful delivery every month!

Anyway, I signed up right away. You only need to give 14 days notice to cancel your subscription, so I figured it was worth trying at least once! That was a few weeks ago. The September boxes were shipped out this week and mine arrived today (it wasn't the one being delivered by Home Delivery Network by the way, it arrived promptly in the hands of a Royal Mail postie). I photographed the entire opening process, to try and capture the joy and excitement involved in opening such a beautiful and exciting package.

The Royal Mail stickers kind of detract from the overall prettiness, but I do like the colour of the Tracked label ;)
And this is just the outer postage packing!
Actual Glossy Box
Such beautiful packaging

Not every box is the same, different people get different products. When you sign up you complete a little 'beauty profile' which they use to help select the most appropriate products for you.
The Contents of my box were;
  • Neal and Wolf GLOW Super Shine Spray
  • Dead Sea Spa Magik Salt Brushing
  • HD Brows Eye & Brow Palette
  • Green People Fruitful Nights
  • Mary Greenwell Plum Eau de Parfum 

I'm pretty impressed with what I've got. Having already read some other reviews, I know not everyone agrees. I'm really keen to get to use the the Salt Brushing (Body Scrub) and the Brow Kit, I love exfoliators/body scrubs and my eyebrows are a constant problem for me and I've considered getting a brow kit recently. The hair shine spray looks good and I'll definitely be trying it out, given the amount of torture I put my hair through it can often do with a bit of a shine boost. I just hope this adds shine without making my hair look greasy. The night cream is also a good item for me as, if you read my recent skin trauma post, I've not quite broken into the world of anti-aging treatments but I'm getting to an age when I feel I should be. I haven't read many good reviews of the perfume, and I probably agree. It's not horrible, definitely not, it's just not me. I don't wear a lot of perfume anyway and don't really know enough about it to make any meaningful comments, I just know it's not a scent that I would wear.

Overall, I'm happy with my first Glossy Box experience and will be awaiting my next box with as much excitement as this one. I'll review the products as I use them. That's another benefit of the Glossy Box experience, you can review the items on the website to earn 'Glossy Dots', points that will eventually count towards a free box!
For anyone interested in new beauty products or experimenting with new products, I would say it's worth giving Glossy Box a go. I know not everyone 'gets it', if you don't then maybe it's not for you, but I'm sure some of you out there will find the idea of receiving a beautiful box full of exciting surprise beauty products as irresistible as I have.
If you fancy getting some more opinions, chec out these suggestions, or search Glossy Box Blog in Google; May Loves Makeup, The Fashion Freak, House of Beautiful Idiots, Burn the Blonde). Or if you want to check out their website, go to http://www.glossybox.co.uk

On a slight side not, am I the only one who looks at their Glossy Box and thinks, that will make a great storage box? I'm such a hoarder :/
Anyone else used Glossy Box? What do you think?

Best Wishes,

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