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Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Looking Professional

So on Tuesday I had to give a talk to a group of scientists, researchers and risk assessors from the company that are part sponsoring my PhD. While there wasn't any official line on dress code, I felt a need to dress a bit more like a professional and a bit less like a student. I don't have an extensive range of professional type clothing, but I managed to throw together a decent outfit.
This is my first proper outfit post, so, I'm kind of making it up as I go along.

Leopard Print Pussy bow Blouse - originally from Monsoon but I picked it up as a bargain on eBay
Grey High Waisted Trousers - M&S (years ago)

I've only had the blouse a month or so and I really like it. It's silk and so floaty and feminine, but being leopard print it's still cool and not too girly. One of many leopard print items in my wardrobe. I'm a pretty big fan of the pussy bow as well, or bows in general actually. I intend to get hold of a velvet bow, like this one from Topshop, but that'll have to go on the list of 'To buy when I have money'. The blouse quite sheer, you could just about get away without wearing anything underneath it but I wore a black vest underneath just for modesty's sake.
The trousers on the other hand, I've had for years and they serve me well when I need to look smart. I like high waists primarily for the vintage styling, although as a bonus they seem to have been reasonably en vogue for a while as well. They're wide leg, which again I really like, they make me look thinner and they're comfortable to boot. I'm glad that they're fitting well again at the moment, before I lost some weight this summer they were a little snug. At one point when I was particularly thin they were so loose I had to put a safety pin in the side to keep them as high waisted rather than riding on my hips. I didn't get a shot from behind but the waist band has a V shape at the back which makes my bum look pretty good too :p
You can't see the shoes in the pic and they're also something I've had for years. They're black patent, round toe heels. I also have them in blue. They're great because the heel isn't too narrow so they're easy to walk in and they're the most comfortable heels I own, so perfect for wearing all day at a conference.
The occasion didn't really call for accessories, but I wore my pendant watch for the practicality of being able to tell the time more than anything.

I apologise for the poor quality editing on the picture, it was the best one of a great many I took, and when I was about to upload it I realised you could see the recycling waiting to be taken out, just behind me. Eep.

Hope you're all having a good week,

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