"Betty Leopard": I freakin' love Halloween

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

I freakin' love Halloween

So Halloween is nearly here. I'm very excited, Halloween is one of my favourite celebrations, I wish it lasted for longer than one day a year.
Over the weekend I'm heading to a Halloween cocktail party, so have spent a fair amount of time looking up suitably creepy cocktail recipes and trying to decide what ingredients I'm going to need to take. I think I'm going for a dark and bloody theme for my cocktails, black vodka, creme de cassis, chambord, grenadine and any other deep red coloured ingredients I can find :)
There are loads of Halloween cocktail recipes out there on the internet. Some of my favourites so far are Black Martini, Dracula's Kiss, Black Magic, and Vampire in the bloody red department. There are also a few creamy ones that I'm debating; Liquified Ghost and Milky Way Martini.

In all honesty though, black vodka is a bit pricey, so I may just go for a budget vodka and black food colouring :p

The boy and I kicked off our Halloween celebrations last night with an evening of pumpkin carving and watching a movie followed by costume planning. We had a pumpkin each and it was meant to be a bit of a carving competition, but I'm not sure who is going to be the judge, might have to upload the pics on Facebook and put it to 'the public' lol.

Carving Tools
Alf tried to get involved, I think he thought it was just a big ball
Getting stuck in
My slightly cutesy design (left) and Pete's scarier Punisher skull
I'll let you know how the Facebook vote turns out.

I think I finally got my costume sorted last night, and went out to pick up a few bits I needed for it today. Afraid you'll have to wait to find out what it is though.

I'm also planning on setting about some serious Halloween baking, so there will be lots of cake pictures to put up soon.

Hope you have something fun planned for Halloween,
Trick or Treat,

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