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Friday, 21 October 2011

Retail Therapy

I haven't really been feeling myself this past week. A little bit ill and a little bit blue and a little bit too broke to indulge myself as a pick-me-up :( The problem with trying to shop my way out of a bad mood is that the bad mood often makes it hard for me to find anything I like. I've not been feeling quite that bad, but it seems that everything I do find that I like is well out of my current budget.
Anyway, I thought I'd put together a selection of things I would be buying right now if I had the money. Virtual retail therapy :)

1. Leopard Contrast Collar Faux Fur Coat. Dorothy Perkins. £75 (or £56.25 online until 30.10.11 using the code DPVIPD)
2. White Print Faux Fur Coat. River Island. Currently £70 online, £90 in store.
3. Cream Print Faux Fur Hat. River Island. £18.
4. Gold Metallic Box Pleat Mini Dress. River Island. £35.
5. Black Lace Bodycon Dress. River Island. £32.
6. Black Smart Belted Jumpsuit. River Island. £45.
7. Lips in Brighton Rock. Topshop. £8.
8. Iron Fist Ruff Rider Clutch. Collectif. £22.99
9. Bright Pink Peep Toe Platform Shoes. River Island. £85.
10. Domestic Sluttery. Amazon. £9.49.

I'm still really hung up on faux fur, hence the two coats and the hat. I could probably fill a whole blog post with faux fur things I'm lusting over. At last it's finally getting chilly and all I want to do is wrap up warm in something as beautiful and luxurious as these coats :)
The two dresses and the jumpsuit are in there with a look towards the winter/xmas party season. I love an excuse to get dressed up and get all sparkly. I feel a bit old as I actually saw the gold dress in store and initially assumed it was a top :/ I don't own a jumpsuit, but I really really like them, might take me a while to get enough confidence to actually wear one though.
The shoes are mostly in there because I love the colour and just looking at them makes me smile.
I only found out about the Domestic Sluttery book a few days ago. I know nothing about it, but if it's as good as the Domestic Sluttery Blog, then it will definitely be worth a read.

I've been messing around with my photo package this evening, so please excuse the poor finish on some of the images. The lace dress was especially difficult to cut out :/

I do actually feel a bit better :)
Hope you are well,

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