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Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Eye for a Bargain

I love make-up, I really, really do. I have a absolutely massive selection of eyeshadows, lipsticks, eyeliners, nail varnishes..........the whole kit and caboodle. Recently, I've also developed a love of beauty blogs; getting to find out about new products and how they work, without shelling out myself, or even discovering products I never knew existed! Thanks to reading beauty blogs I now have a make-up lust list as long as my arm.

The only problem I have with (some) beauty blogs, is the proliferation of super expensive products!
Don't get me wrong, I'll lust after a Chanel Nail Polish or Diorific Lipstick as much as the next girl, but, in general, I'm more interested in the type of make-up I'm going to wear everyday. My budget just won't stretch to £55 for a face powder (Tom Ford, I'm looking at you). Now, you may say, "Yes Betty, but you do get what you pay for", but, if my £3.99 powder does a good job (thank you very much Rimmel), is it really possible for a designer powder to be more than 13 times better? To be honest, I really doubt it.

In my mind, British High Street Beauty brands are fantastic, just like out high street fashion :) Great quality, great selection and great prices. My most recent discovery, which has also quickly become one of my new favourite make-up brands, is Make-Up Academy (MUA), available through Superdrug.
I found out about MUA when I read a review of their Immaculate Collection eyeshadow palette by The London Lipgloss (see her review here). Not only was her review glowing, but at £8 for a 24 shade palette, it seemed too good to be true.
It just so happened that I had been on the look out for some new eyeshadow, almost parting with £12 for a (discounted) Two Faced eyeshadow set that very morning, so the review couldn't have come at a better time, and I headed straight over to the Superdrug website. Unfortunatley, the Immaculate Collection wasn't on the website at the time (it is now). However, the MUA range and Superdrug had a 3 for 2 offer running, so I decided to pick out 3 of their 12-shade palettes at £4 each (making it £8 for 36 shades using the 3 for 2, plus delivery was free).

The three palettes I selected were the "Dusk til Dawn", "Glitter Ball" and "Starry Night".

Dusk til Dawn
Glitter Ball
Starry Night

I picked these three for the overall range of colours, the mix of glitter and non-glitter shades and for a few of the specific shades. A slightly annoying thing is that MUA don't name their shades, so it's quite hard to talk about individual colours. The shades that most stood out and appealed to me when I bought the palettes are the turquoise (third from left, bottom row) and glittery navy (fourth from left, bottom row) in Dusk til Dawn, the coral (second from left, top row), aqua (fourth from left, top row) and purple (far right, bottom row) in Glitter Ball and the pink (second from left, top row) and silver (third from left, bottom row) in Starry Night. However, I don't think there's a single colour in all the selections that I dislike.
So far I've mostly been wearing them during the day, so have stuck to the more subtle shades, but fully intend to break out the bolder ones over the Christmas/New Year party season. I'm especially looking forward to trying out the navy shade in the Dusk til Dawn palette, as I've fancied a navy shade for a while (for some reason) and it doesn't seem to be a massively common shade.
Aside from the colours, I'm also really pleased with the formulation. The shadows are easy to apply and can (mostly) be built up from subtle to bold as required, except for some of the deeper shades. I haven't had any issues with longevity, only experiencing a very small amount of creasing after a full days wear (12+ hours). The finish of the shades is really nice, most of them are quite shimmery, not just the glittery ones, which suits me as I'm not a big fan of matte shadows. The glitter shades do suffer a bit of fall out, with some of the glitter flecks ending up on my cheeks, but again, I don't really see this as a big problem!

Overall, I am massively impressed with these shadows, not just because of the price, but the incredible value of great quality shadows for an amazing price. I would recommend these shades to anyone, from girls starting out in the world of cosmetics to experienced make-up users. The packaging doesn't look cheap either, so you could easily get away with giving them as gifts without the recipient thinking you've skimped ;)
The MUA range is huge, in terms of products and colours. I think I'll definitely be trying out their lipsticks next, which are only £1 each!

Hope your week is going well,


  1. Lovely eye shadows darling - you'll be able to do some fabulous looks with them.

    Eda ♥


  2. i love MUA stuff! so affordable.

    Jessica xo


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