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Saturday, 5 November 2011

Garnier BB

So I'm a little late to the BB party; sorry!
I've um-ed ah ah-ed about trying this product for quite a while, and have only finally got around to it as I applied for a free sample on the Garnier website.
It first look, the product seems amazing; it's even advertised as a 'miracle skin perfector' that will 'even, cover, hydrate, illumiante and protect'. Now, I'm sure I'm not alone in my scepticism about the claims that cosmetic products make. So, even though I would obviously love a product that would cover, even, illuminate, hydrate and protect my skin, I wasn't sufficiently sucked in by the adverts to rush straight out and buy it (even at only £10).
I also wasn't totally sure that BB creams were for me. I've always had dreams of using minimal amounts of make-up and achieving a beautiful, natural, glowing, effortless look. However, in reality, I've always preferred foundation that delivers a decent level of coverage to disguise my varying levels of blemishes and the dark areas under my eyes, and dries to a nice matte finish (I really don't like being shiny). So my requirements are pretty much the opposite of what I believe a BB cream to be all about.
Despite this, as a girl I was still excited about the prospect of a new make-up product, and the sceptic in me isn't afraid of being proved wrong. So, I stepped into the unknown and set about slathering my face in BB.

When my sample first arrived, I was pretty pleased to find that the pack included three small sachets. Normally I'm not a huge fan of free samples as they tend to be so small you have no way of knowing how a product is going to work for you in the long run. The sachets also seem to contain a decent amount of product as, even though I thought I applied quite a lot, there was still a reasonable amount left.

Anyway, onto my thoughts.
To be honest, I wasn't exactly overwhelmed.
The product was thicker than I expected. I had thought it would be more like a liquid foundation, but, in my opinion, it was verging on a mousse type texture. This wasn't off-putting in itself, but it did make the product seem heavier on my skin that I would have liked. I was definitely aware of having it on my skin, and that coming from someone who is used to wearing quite a lot of make-up.
Another thing that made me more aware of the cream was the smell. It wasn't a horrible smell, but it was quite strong and hung around for at least an hour or so after putting it on. I think the smell issue is something I've encountered with other Garnier products and is a reason I generally avoid them.
I had mixed feelings about the coverage. It definitely did reduce redness and covered up the majority of blemishes. Some more significant marks were still visible and, if anything, I think the dark patches under my eyes looked worse. In addition, even though I received a sample of 'Light', the palest shade available, I still felt it was a bit dark for my skin and didn't look very natural, but I am quite pale. The finish was also too shiny for me. I know some people like a more glowing look, but I like a matte finish or I look greasy.

The picture below shows me 'after' (no before pics I'm afraid, I'm not feeling like exposing myself that much!). It's not the best picture in the world, but I think it's clear that the colour is wrong for me and that it doesn't really do anything for my under-eye area. I'd probably look a little less dead if I'd bothered to put some eyeliner and mascara on. I definitely looked shinier than the picture shows and ended up having to use a powder over the top, which added to the heavy feel.

After all that, I don't think Garnier BB Cream is a product I'll be using again. While I haven't exactly given a flattering review here, I do think that most of my problems are personal, given the expectations I had , the way my skin is and the outcome I like to achieve. I'm happy with my foundation and how it makes my skin look, even though it's more expensive. I think the Garnier website is now out of free samples, but I still have two sachets left, if you're interested in trying it out let me know in the comments and I'll get in touch.

There are also other BB creams out there, including an even cheaper one by 17 at Boots.

Hope you're having a good weekend,

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