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Sunday, 6 November 2011

Models Own: Beetlejuice Collection

On Tuesday, Models Own launched their new Beetlejuice collection (inspired by the iridescence of beetle shells) and I decided to treat myself and pick up a few of the new colours.
I only bought three of the shades rather than going for the full five shade set, as I just didn't see myself wearing the two greener shades. Instead I went for Aqua-Violet, Purple-Blue and Pinky-Brown, which were more in-keeping with my preferred colours and therefore more likely to get used! Also, Models Own have an offer on their polishes, buy 3 save £3 or buy 5 and save £7. I'm not sure if that's just online or if it's in stores as well, but the Beetlejuice collection is only available online anyway.
Pinky-Brown was clearly the most popular of the whole collection, as it had already sold out by the Wednesday.

While the website pictures clearly over-exaggerate the multi-tonal properties, I'm still really impressed with the colours.

Purple Blue, Aqua Violet and Pinky Brown
Pinky Brown
Purple Blue
This picture is quite zoomed in, so the quality isn't amazing, but shows the multi-tones a bit better. In some lights it can look entirely bronze, sometimes it's a deep rusty pink and sometimes, when you catch both tones at once, it looks like fire.

Another very zoomed picture, showing off the pinky-purpley-blue tones. As with the pinky-brown, sometimes you see just one shade, sometimes you catch a flash of all. I particularly like this one as at face value it's quite subtle and dark, but when you look closer you can see all the different colours.

The multi-tones are quite hard to capture in photos, I did my best, but the colours show up best when they're moving in the light. The tones in the Purple Blue are probably slightly more obvious, and I find both look show up best in natural light. I haven't tried the Aqua-Violet yet, not because I don't like it, I just only have two hands! Even if you don't think the multi-tonal-ness is that impressive, they're still really nice colours in their own rights and these two in particular are nice and glittery. I know some people don't think a lot of the staying power of Models Own polishes, but I actually find they don't chip too quickly, at least not compared to other brands. I've had mine on for 24 hours with no problems, even through a bath and washing my hair, which is when I usually pick up the most damage. They are more interesting than a standard polish but without being over-the-top or garish. I think they're really wearable and perfect for autumn/winter when we're all looking to add a bit of sparkle into our lives.

Speaking of sparkle, I also splashed out and bought the full glitter collection :/ What can I say, I'm a sucker for glitter :) I'll definitely get a lot of use out of these as we get closer to Xmas. I wonder if they'll work with my leopard print stamp?

I love all of these, except the green, Jenny, if you're reading, do you fancy it?

Lots of Love,


  1. the new models own shades are gorgeous, i can't wait to get my hands on new bottles! x

  2. I'm very tempted by the puple blue, it's gorgeous! Jealous of all those glitters, I'm a glitter fiend too!

  3. Oh all of these look absolutely amazing, wish I could invest! x

  4. I love the green! It's probably my favourite :)


  5. love the green and red, so perfect for christmas :)


  6. The green and red would be very festive!
    I'm still loving the beetlejuice colours, have only had a little play with the glitters and I was a bit disappointed :(


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