"Betty Leopard": That's a wrap

Friday, 25 November 2011

That's a wrap

A short while ago, a friend asked me why, given my recent surge in interest in nail polish and nail art, I had never tried nail wraps. In truth, I have never tried them because, at least to me, they have always seemed tricky and also rather expensive for something I can only use once. Also, I always had a feeling I'd make a hash of them, as I'm hardly a nail expert; for every photo of my nails I put up here, I've probably applied and removed at least one trial run :/ At least with polish, if it goes wrong, I can remove it and start again; if I mess up the wraps then I'd have wasted a whole set!

Anyway, as a happy coincidence, a set of Nail Rock nail wraps were included in this months GlossyBox! I was rather excited when I saw the packet had the leopard print design on it, which did turn in to a bit of disappointment when a set of black and white striped wraps came out. That disappointment was only due to my expectations of my beloved leopard print, the design itself is actually really nice, and certainly one of my preferred options from the Nail Rock range. I was pleased to see you get sixteen wraps in a set, in a range of sizes to suit your nail size but also providing opportunity for hapless people like me to hash up a few and still be able to use the set!

The instructions for application are pretty simple; buff the nail, wipe with acetone, then apply the appropriately sized wrap (which is pretty much a sticker) and shape. I did try very hard, but as this was my first go at nail wraps, it didn't exactly go perfectly. It's not as obvious in the photo as in reality, but they are far from perfectly stuck along the edges, with a fair few creases and lumps. I am pretty sure this is due to my lack of experience, as other people seem to have achieved much smoother results!
Apparently, they can last up to seven days, but I doubt mine will last that long. The poor application will either mean they fall off earlier or I'll get so annoyed with the messy finish that I'll rip them off!

I'm not totally sold on the nail wrap idea. I can see the benefits, as I'm ridiculously prone to getting bored of waiting for polish to dry, which isn't an issue with the wraps! While I do expect that practice will improve my application skills, I still think that £6.65 is a bit more than I'd want to pay for 7 days (max) of use. I also prefer the freedom of polish, I can try out any design I like, without being limited to a fashion based range of options.
However, if you like the idea of getting involved in the nail art craze but struggle with polish or have limited time then nail wraps may be a great option for you.

I'm sure a lot of you have received nail wraps from GlossyBox, how did you get on? Are there any tips on improving application?



  1. Those stripey nails wraps are lovely darling.


    Eda ♥

  2. Thanks hun. I did really like the design, is such as shame I was so bad at putting them on.
    My mum got the same set in her GlossyBox and doesn't think she'll use them, so I might get to have a second try!

  3. I got the red and black lacey design in mine and I'm ashamed to admit they got cast aside - yours look awesome but I have weird nails, I can't even wear nail varnish without wanting to pull my nails off : /


  4. I thought it was weird how the front of the packet didn't match what was inside! I got the polka dot ones and am looking forward to try more nail wraps. Especially glitter ones! I love glitter polish but I always stay well away from it because of how difficult it is to remove. Going to get me some glitter nail wraps and see how they compare! xxx

  5. They actually look really cute!!

    J is absolutely amazing at nail wraps, she loves the Rebel Nails ones & we have lots of posts on them! Unfortunately I'm not so good...I don't like that they don't fit 'exactly' on your nail...I'll be sticking to polish!!

    P.S Please swing by our blog & check out our latest 'Christmas Party Look' post! :)

    T (& J)

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