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Saturday, 10 December 2011

Beauty Scribbles

A couple of weeks ago the gorgeous ladies over at Beauty Scribbles ran a giveaway to celebrate Jo's birthday, and I won!
Now, I'm pretty sure everyone says this but, I never win things! I was so excited :) Then I received my parcel of prizes, and was even more excited!!

The prizes (pictured below) included; Fearne Night Compact, Max Factor Lipstick in Pink Brandy, Fearne Leopard Print Nail Art wraps, 3 MUA Eye Liner Pencils in Bright Orange, Starry Night and Silver Sparkle, Rimmel ScandalEyes Mascara, Collection 2000 Luscious Lashes and a No7 Nail Collection containing 5 polishes in Totally Teal, Damson Dream, Vivid Violet, Hot to Trot and Sing the Blues. I think you'll agree that's a pretty impressive haul!

Left to Right; Sing the Blues, Hot to Trot, Vivid Violet, Damson Dream, Totally Teal
I'm not sure if there's one item I'm more excited about that the others! I think I will definitely get use out of all of the items, with the possible exception of the orange eye liner.
I do love nail polish, and don't actually own anything that's really similar to any of the ones in the No7 set, so that's nice. I only own one other No7 polish and have always thought of it as a really good product. I'm not an actual beauty blogger, so I'm not just going to apply all the polishes one after the other just to show you what they look like, but I did start having a play with them the other night. I went for Totally Teal, then because I was feeling experimental, I added leopard print (using my Konad set) in the Hot to Trot gold. I quite like the finished effect actually. The teal was quite a thick polish, not too thick though, and gave good coverage in two coats. The gold is much thinner and was a bit tricky in the Konad print set, as it recommends a thick polish, but it still worked and gave a nice but quite subtle effect (if gold leopard print can ever be subtle!).
All the shades except the teal are sparkly and would be perfect for the glittery party season (not that the teal isn't, I just get a bit obsessed with sparkle at this time of year).

Totally Teal with Hot to Trot Leopard Print
The lipstick is lovely too. An interesting but wearable shade with great coverage and consistency. I wore it during the day earlier this week as, personally, I see it as more of a daytime colour than the bolder lippies I would normally wear of an evening. It would also be a great summer shade as, as much as I love bright red lipstick, it can be a bit much on the beach (crikey, did I actually say beach in a post 2 weeks before Christmas!?).
I also gave the Rimmel ScandalEyes mascara a test run. Now, mascara isn't normally a product I change much, and I've been using Max Factor Masterpiece for years now, but I like Rimmel as a brand and there's something very appealing about that big chunky orange packaging! I have to say I was a little taken aback by the size of the applicator wand though, it's huge!! (Sniggers) Especially compared to the thin rubber applicator from my usual mascara. It took a fair bit of getting used to and doing my lower lashes was especially difficult, but I managed to do it without stabbing myself in the eye. Apart from my personal issues in wielding the thing, the mascara applied well, wasn't lumpy and lasted well.

Wearing Max Factor Pink Brandy Lipstick and Rimmel ScandalEyes Macara

There's so much in this awesome prize haul that I still haven't got around to trying it all out. Basically I won hours and hours of fun! I'm saving the lashes and nail wraps for wearing at a Christmas party, so I'll show you those when I get round to it. The Fearne Eyeshadow set is so beautiful, with the beetle design pressed into the actual shadows, that I'm not sure I'm ever going to want to use it! Well, I will, but I'll have to look at it a lot first.

Fearne Night Compact

I would like to thank Jo and Lauren at Beauty Scribbles once again for having a great blog, running an awesome giveaway and selecting me as their winner! If you haven't checked them out before then head over there now - BeautyScribbles - or follow them on Twitter @beautyscribbles.

Have you used any of these products before?



  1. Oh these beauty products are fabulous darling, haven't used any of them before but love your nails!

    Eda ♥


  2. Ahhh so glad that you like, them! ;-) even I'm jealous haha.

    Now there is a story behind the orange eyeliner. Is you mix it with a pale concealer/foundation you can wear it as a lip tint! Pretty cool...will post you the link later :-)

    Jo xx

  3. Wow you got some amazing items love it all! Now following!

  4. Thanks for reading guys!
    I love all your comments, hope you continue to enjoy my ramblings!

  5. Oh I've been lusting after those fearne eyeshadows JUST because they have bugs on!



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