"Betty Leopard": Xmas Blogger Meet

Thursday, 22 December 2011

Xmas Blogger Meet

Last Friday, I travelled all the way to Bristol to attend the South West Bloggers Xmas Blogger Meet, organised in association with MyStreetChic.com.
I had been aware of the event for a while, but had put off buying a ticket, largely due to nerves. The idea of travelling on my own to a city I had never visited before in order to attend an event with a lot of people I didn't know put me well out of my comfort zone! But challenging myself to do things that take me out of my normal, safe behaviour is an important part of trying to enjoy my life more; so I took the plunge and booked the ticket, then swiftly booked a hotel to ensure I didn't try to back out at the last minute.
I'm so glad I did.
Although I had intended to head up to Bristol reasonably early in the day and explore the city a little, my manically hectic schedule last week meant I didn't end up getting in to Bristol until about 5 pm. I navigated my way to my hotel, which wasn't far from the station, checked in and set about dolling myself up for the event. Picking the right outfit had been a bit of a trial. At first I bought a gold sequin bodycon dress from TFNC, which I had been lusting over for weeks before hand. Although it was really pretty in itself I wasn't comfortable wearing it, they call it bodycon for a reason, and it showed off every unwanted lump and bump of my body. In addition, although it was pretty, it felt a little too ordinary as a Christmas party dress, and didn't showcase my personality particularly well, which I felt was important for meeting a group of fashion conscious strangers for the first time!
My second purchase was a black and white polka dot sequined playsuit from ASOS.com. It was perfect. As soon as I tried it on I loved it. I was comfortable, flattering, fun and so me! I also discovered it had pockets, which is such a bonus in a glam going-out outfit, as pockets are so useful but not usually high on the design specification. As the playsuit was a pretty big feature in itself, and I had dyed my hair pink again, I decided to keep my accessories pretty simple, with black (thermal) tights for warmth (M&S), a pair of black and white jazz type brogues with a small heel (New Look) and my Bah Humbug necklace (Clutterfly Jewellery).
I was very pleased at the number of comments I got on my outfit, particularly my necklace.

Striking my best model pose in the hotel room

The event itself was held in Java on Park Street, which looked pretty flashy both inside and out. It was nice for private hire but probably isn't the sort of place you'd find me on a standard night out. We were greeted with goody bags, free cocktails and photographers documenting outfits for the live blog and twitter feed. I was immensely nervous but everyone was so nice and welcoming I got totally swept away by the great atmosphere and quickly found my stride in meeting and greeting loads of the other blogger girls and guys (mostly girls) and the staff from MyStreetChic. A few of the free pink MyStreetChic cocktails helped me on my way as well ;) I even got to chat and be photographed with Gina Dyer, editor of MyStreetChic.com, who was thoroughly lovely and super stylish.

MyStreetChic Martini
Me (L) and Me with Gina Dyer (R) Photos by Chloe Lee

After a good amount of drinking and mingling there was a fashion show put on showcasing party looks from Boohoo.com. It was quite exciting to get to sit and watch the models strutting their stuff on the catwalk as I've never been to a proper fashion show before. Not everything was my taste, but there were some nice pieces that will hopefully still be available by the time I actually have some spare cash for clothes again!

A selection of the outfits from the fashion show. It might be a while before I make it as a catwalk photographer

There were so many more people at the event than I had expected and I didn't get to find and chat to a lot of the people I had hoped to. Having said that, I also met some really great people whose blogs I haven't read before, which turned out to be even better as I got to chat and hang out with some really fun people and find some great new blogs to read. You should definitely check out; Dream In Colour, A Day in the Life of..., Style Eyes Ethical Fashion Blog, Cherry Pie, and UnlimitedByJK as just a sample of the lovely people I encountered.

The crowd gathering in Java

I had such a wonderful evening, made all the better through being super proud of myself for actually going! I won't be having second thoughts about any future blogger event and will probably be seeking them out in future. If you do get the opportunity you really should attend something like this, you'll meet great people, pick up some new blogs to read and new people to read yours, and maybe even make out with a stack of freebies if you're lucky!

Speaking of freebies; the goody bags were amazing. I made out with a can of Batiste Dry Shampoo, Tea Tree Spot Stick, 2True nail polish, MyStreetChic lipbalm, tights from tightsplease.co.uk, a fancy looking cleanser and, possibly my favourite item, a Colour Cycle Light up lipgloss! I have to say, I thought the idea of a light up lipgloss was a bit of a silly novelty at first, but, although I haven't needed to light itself, the lipgloss is great and I love the mirror on the side!

If you haven't already checked out MyStreetChic.com then head over there now. It's a great website for current high street fashion and style, they also have more features about the blogger even, including a video and blog. Or, have a look at their facebook page, where there are links to lots of other blog reviews of the evening.

Finally, I just want to thank Bee, Lyzi, Gina, MyStreetChic and Boohoo for putting on such a great event.
Best Wishes,

PS. All photos are my own except where otherwise stated. Any photos borrowed from elsewhere should link back to their sources.


  1. aww hun was really lovley to meet you! and love your blog xxx

  2. I am 101% jealous of your pink hair and polka dot playsuit/dress!! x

  3. Thanks m'dear.
    The pink hair was loads of fun and I still adore that playsuit, need another occasion to wear it to now!


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