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Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Magazines, Because Books Are Long: Dashing Magazine

I love books, I really do. I aspire to owning a home with a library room, where all the walls have floor to ceiling bookshelves. However, like many of you out there, I'm a busy person and I can't always find the time for books.
Magazines to the rescue!
My interest in magazines has had a bit of a resurgence in the past year, mostly in the form of craft and lifestyle type magazines. Magazines fit more easily into my life than books, smaller, more portable, less precious and with articles that can be read in any order, independent of each other, whenever I have a moment. As well as something to read, magazines serve to teach me things and show me things that I didn't know about before; from how to make things to new books to interesting websites where I can spend other spare moments.
As part of my renewed interest in magazines, I have discovered as whole new world of online digital magazines. Now, I don't own an iPad or any such similar portable media device that you can read these digital magazines on, but I still have a good old fashioned laptop that I can read them on (although an iPad would be much more convenient, and cooler). It all saves paper, and that can't be a bad thing!

One of my recent discoveries has been Dashing Magazine; and I can't recommend it enough!
Have you ever read a magazine and felt like it could have been (almost) entirely written specifically for you? That's how I feel when I read Dashing.
Their second issue has just been released, filled with beautiful illustrations, photographs and articles on a huge variety of topics including Etsy, tea, headbands and how to screen print fabrics. It kind of fulfils my every magazine need, with lifestyle, fashion and crafting all rolled up in one. There's even a feature on having a baby, while not relevant to me, it seems that half the people I know are expecting within the next few months.

All images from www.dashingmag.com/

It's just so beautiful and interesting. The pages make me happy and remind me of good little things in life that can be too easily overlooked in a hectic schedule (like bubble baths and a good cuppa). It's a little bit of escapism from my mind-numbing job.
The only problem is, it's likely to cost me a lot of money, what with all the beautiful things I want to buy, make and do (definitely need to schedule a trip to JB's American Diner in Brighton).
I think I can pretty safely say, if you like my blog then you'll like this magazine. So, once you're done perusing my pages, go have a flick through theirs - Here.
If you know of any other good publications, do let me know :)

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