"Betty Leopard": Bournemouth Blogger Meet

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Bournemouth Blogger Meet

Rosie (A Rosie Outlook), Emma (The Style Box),  Joe (Unlimited By JK) and myself had a bit of a chat and decided to put together a blogger's get together down on the south coast, as a bit of a change from all the London meet-ups!
The 31st of March is a Saturday to try and allow as many of you as possible to come along. We were thinking of meeting in The Tattoo Parlour Cafe in Pokesdown some time in the afternoon (TBC), before indulging in a little shopping in some of the vintage shops in the area then onto 60 Million Postcards for drinks (cocktails!) later in the day/evening.
I'm especially looking forward to The Tattoo Parlour Cafe, an American diner style, tattoo themed cafe, joined to an actual tattoo parlour, where you can indulge in classic diner foods and milkshakes, which can even come as 'dirty shakes' with the addition of booze :p 

Hopefully, everyone should be able to come along and join in for at least part of the day even if you can't stay in Bournemouth too late or get there too early!
If you need/want to stay in Bournemouth overnight and need a roomie to split the cost use our hashtag #bmouthblogmeet to find others in the same position. You can also use the hashtag to promote the event, find out who else is coming or ask any questions!

It would be great if we could get as many of you involved as possible. I've only been to two blogger events since I started blogging and I absolutely loved both of them! If you're interested get in touch, what have you got to lose!?




  1. Gah! I wish I could, but Bournemouth is like 3 hours away. Looks to be epic fun though!


  2. Ahhhh!!! You are so organised and amazing!! You've made a little poster thing and everything!

    Please may I steal it? (Obvs I'll credit you!)


  3. Aww, sucks you can't make it L! Maybe we should plan something Brighton way soon (you are in Brighton right?)
    Emma, of course you can use it, I just threw it together to make the post a bit more interesting :)


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