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Wednesday, 15 February 2012


I have made a wonderful discovery!
This time two months ago I had never heard of First Aid Beauty, but thanks to the joy of Beauty Boxes I am now a complete F.A.B. convert!
I received samples of their face cleanser and body moisturiser in two separate beauty boxes.

Straight away I loved the packaging. I know it's not the flashiest packaging in the world, but I like the slightly art deco feel of the stripes and the colouring. The details on the packaging were also pretty appealing. The Face Cleanser promises to remove oils, toxins, make-up, dirt and grime as well as calming redness and irritation and being suitable for sensitive skin. While, the Body Moisturiser claims to nourish skin, relieve dryness and lock in moisture, it is also suitable for sensitive skins, including those with eczema.

The Face Cleanser was really easy to use. Wet your face and neck, take a small 5p size amount and massage onto the skin, then rinse. The product itself is actually quite pretty, white with a pearlescent sheen, and has very little smell other than a slight soapy-clean aroma. I instantly noticed a difference. My skin did look less red, felt really clean, really soft and not at all dried out. You use such a small amount that even my small sample size bottle lasted a good two weeks! In that time I noticed a great improvement in the general condition of my skin, being much softer and clearer.
To be honest, I had already decided I really liked the brand and was going to buy the cleanser (when I have cash) before I even received the Body Moisturiser sample. So, I was very pleased when I received my Valentine's GlossyBox with the Body Moisturiser inside! I do suffer with some dry skin problems on various parts of my body, mostly my arms, and have tried a huge variety of moisturisers with varying levels of success. I could tell from the first time I used it, that this was going to be a good one. It soaked into my skin so quickly and effortlessly, leaving it feeling and looking instantly more hydrated and felt softer. I particularly liked the lack of scent and colour and general additives that I think often detract from the actual moisturising properties of a moisturiser. I am really bad at getting into a routine of using body moisturisers, especially in the cold when I don't like to have too much skin exposed for too long! Even despite my sporadic use, I think this moisturiser has made a long term difference to my skin and every day use probably isn't necessary except for particularly stubborn dry skin.

I like how simple the products are. The packaging isn't overly fussy, their claims are straight forward, even the names are to the point. Overall, the range is uncomplicated, one face cleanser, one body moisturiser; all suitable for all skin types so there's no fussing trying to find the right product for you. I really like that.
Other FAB products include a daily face cream, 5 in 1 eye cream, an anti-redness serum, body wash and shaving cream, amongst other things. The range is stocked by BootsFeel Unique and Bath and Unwind. All three sell the FAB Essentials Kit, containing small versions of the Face Cleanser, Daily Face Cream,Gentle Body Wash and Body Moisturiser for £10. Obviously great for travelling but also a good way to try out the range! Full sized, the Face Cleanser and Body Moisturiser are both £13, which places them in a high mid-range in my mind, more expensive than a lot of common high street brands like Vaseline or Nivea, less than the high-end brands like Dermalogica or Liz Earle, more on a par with the luxury high-street brands like Soap & Glory. In my opinion anyway. It's a reasonable amount of money to pay, but the products are definitely worth it, they work and, as you don't have to use a lot, they'd last too.

Have you tried FAB before? Will you now?
Hope you had a good Valentine's day, whatever you did and whoever you spent it with :)


  1. Hi Betty darling,

    Thanks for sharing, never tried FAB but after your post I'm stopping at Boots on the way home so thanks doll!

    Eda ♥


  2. Ah awesome!
    Let me know what you get and how you get on with it!


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