"Betty Leopard": My February Wishlist

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

My February Wishlist

Due to my current circumstances, I haven't actually bought a single item of clothing, pair of shoes or accessory for the entirety of 2012 so far! I'm actually quite impressed with myself. Until this past week I was doing pretty well, but then I made a mistake; I started looking at clothes online. Like a smoker trying to go cold-turkey in a room full of cigarettes, my resolve started to break, complete with withdrawal symptoms; shaking, chills, sweats, tightness in the chest (only a slight exaggeration). Every page of every website I looked at had at least one thing I wanted, and the more I saw, the more I looked and the more I wanted!
Anyway, cutting a long story short, my wishlist has totally exploded and I thought I'd share some of the items with you. I'm hoping that sharing might somehow dull my desire, but that could totally backfire and just make me want things more :/

So I seem to have a bit of a dress obsession, and am definitely loving the spring colour trends, particularly the feminine pastels. All of which is a bit odd given how cold it has been lately and all I really want to do is live in a big ball of duvets. 
Personally, I can see a lot of vintage style influence in the items I've been seeing, and in my selection here; which is all absolutely fine by me :) I know there's a lot of mixed feeling out there about vintage and vintage-style influence on the high street, but I love vintage styling and can't afford the premium that the vintage label slaps on second hand clothes. 
I am madly in love with the coral patent brogues! How cute are they!? Shame that, even if I could afford new shoes right now, I should be buying some that will be a bit more generally wearable than these :(
I'm also completely sold on coloured jeans/trousers. Ok, I've only got a pale pink pair up here, but I would also love some in red, turquoise, mint and hot pink :) I could probably do with some actual basic blue denim jeans too, before my current ones disintegrate :/
The maxi dress is simply beautiful. If I had a suitable occasion, this would be the dress for me. It looks so elegant and definitely makes me think of vintage Hollywood glamour, especially with the sparkly embellishment.
Out of all the items here, if I could only pick one (which I can't), I think I'd go with the pink leopard skirt. 1, It's pink, 2, It's leopard print and 3, It's only £20!

If the cold wasn't enough on it's own, all these cute clothes definitely have me longing for spring :)
Hope you aren't all completely frozen and that you have some spare pennies to treat yourselves!



  1. CRAZY about 2, 4 and 8! Need them in my life!

  2. Love the 3 polka dot dresses! :) x

  3. I love em' all!! follow me, i'll be doing the same. =).

  4. I like dress number 3!



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