"Betty Leopard": We'll gather lilacs

Thursday, 16 February 2012

We'll gather lilacs

When I first heard that pastels were going to be a big thing this spring I was distinctly underwhelmed. Obviously I recognise that pastels are pretty, but I've never felt like a very pastel sort of person, usually preferring bolder and darker colours. However, the though of pastels has definitely been growing on me over the past month or so and I'd actually say I'm quite looking forward to an influx of ice cream candy colours into my wardrobe.
I've only really come to fully realise my growing appreciation for pastels through using Pinterest, which I only joined a week ago. I've not become as obsessed with 'pinning' as I feared, but I do enjoy going on a little pinning spree every now and again. My boards are currently being populated with pictures of cupcakes and hair and nails and Dita Von Teese - most of which have a distinct pastel tone, with a particularly large amount of baby pink and lilac.
I've definitely never been a lilac person.
But, things change, and now I'm so much a 'lilac person' that I'm considering it as my next hair colour move. Maybe not all over lilac, I'm liking the idea of a lilac slice through the centre section to the left of my parting (basically, where I always put a section of colour). I usually use Manic Panic hair dyes, and I think Lie Locks might be the best for achieving the colour I want, or maybe Mystic Heather. Either way, they'll probably need mixing with a toner to dilute them to the exact shade I'm hoping for. Although, ultimately these things turn out how they turn out!

As I'm now a Pinterest user I thought I'd include a selection of my current hair inspirations, some lilac, some not.

I really, really want to colour my hair now! Will have to wait a while until I can afford some dye, and I also need to decide what colour I actually want. Maybe I'll just stick them all in a hat and pull one out... What do you think?
If you're on Pinterest, you can have a look at my boards (http://pinterest.com/bettyleopard/) or leave me your user name and I'll have a look at yours!

Anyone else gone for a colour change lately?


  1. I would do just about anything to color my hair right now but with my job it's an unspoken no-no...so sad! I would go with a pastel for sure (mint, pink, or lavender) would be my first choices! Xo Lori

  2. Oooo that colourful hair is super lovely!

    Eda ♥


  3. I love those hair colours. Unfortunately as I have really dark hair it would be really difficult to get any of these colours. I am completely addicted to Pinterest, following you now.

  4. I have done a lot to my hair, bleach parts, had it ultra violet, orange, red, brown, short long, in a bob, fringe no fringe full fringe! at the moment I'm attempting to be plum but I want it brighter! thinking I'm gonna put really blonde highlights through it before I dye it next time so it will look kind of cool! was mad to try the whole dip dying thing but now everyone in my uni has it so thats out the window!! :( definitely go lilac I think its so pretty!! :D x


  5. really like your blog! wld u like to follow each others?




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