"Betty Leopard": Turtle Bay: Our 3 Year Anniversary

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Turtle Bay: Our 3 Year Anniversary

Saturday was me and my boyfriend's 3 year anniversary :D
Unfortunately he had to work during the day, but I booked us a table at Turtle Bay - a Caribbean restaurant in town. I'd heard a lot of things about it - both food and cocktails - but we hadn't had opportunity to go before. Caribbean food isn't really something I've had a lot of experience of before but I had already looked at the menu online and had some pretty high hopes!

Turtle Bay - complete with optimistic outside seating in March
It was a Saturday night, so the place was pretty busy, but we were seated really quickly, even though we got there early. I liked the interior, it was Caribbean styled, but not themed to the point of being tacky. The bar was set in the middle of the restaurant and styled like a beach front hut type thing. The bar was actually really busy in it's own right, which isn't surprising given the great range of cocktails the place offers. In fact, the bar was so busy that our drinks took longer to arrive than our food! Even though it wasn't happy hour and the cocktails were a little pricey, I had to order myself a Raspberry and Chambord Martini - I love Chambord and Martinis are so elegant. It certainly lived up to expectations, so yummy.

My Raspberry-Chambord Martini
Even though I had looked at the menu online, I hadn't managed to choose what I wanted. There were so many options, loads of different and interesting things that I wanted to try - Goat Curry, Jerk Chicken, Marinated Pork, Jerk Ribs, Sweet Potato Fries. In the end I went for Browned Jamaican Chicken and Pete had the Goat Curry. Both came in rustic looking metal pots which I liked, I would love to have pots like that at home. Both were really yummy and came with rice and peas (which are actually beans). My chicken came on the bone, which I loved and Pete's goat was ridiculously tender. They were both spiced really well, the flavours were great and left you with a warm spicy  feeling in your mouth.
The place had dessert menu, so I couldn't really say no. I ordered the Dark Chocolate Pie, which was actually just a warm, gooey chocolate brownie and came with ice cream. Warm chocolate cakey things with ice cream are one of my favourite desserts and this was awesome - it was so chocolatey and gooey in the middle. Even though I was immensely full I couldn't not finish it!

Pete's Goat Curry with Rice and Peas and flatbread
My Jamaican Browned Chicken with Rice and Peas and a fried dumpling
Dark Chocolate Pie with ice cream

I had a really lovely evening. Turtle Bay is a great restaurant - if you're ever in Southampton you should check it out, I think they also have one in Milton Keynes. They also have a lighter lunch section on the menu if you're eating during the day. I will definitely be going back, I'd really like to have lunch there and also maybe go on an evening that isn't a Saturday to see if the atmosphere is any different when it's less busy. Plus I have to go back at some point to check out happy hour and try some more of their cocktails :)

Hope you all had a good weekend,


  1. I went to Turtle Bay when I visited Southampton a few weeks ago, but only for cocktails and not for food. I had a look at the menu while I was there and wanted to eat everythingggg! If only I didn't live so far away :'(
    Hope you had a lovely anniversary :) x

  2. That ice cream looks yummy! Hope you enjoy'd it!

    You have a new follower, great blog:)


    Return the favour? xx

  3. Thanks guys.

    @emmerliejay - the cocktails are so good, but def try the food too if you get chance

    @Romy - Thanks for following, I will check your blog out too



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