"Betty Leopard": 100 followers!

Thursday, 5 April 2012


I've been a very bad blogger lately, sorry!
Between working and my WI commitments I've had very little time or energy for blogging :( Any blog energy I have had has gone into setting up a blog for my WI, to be honest, it's ended up looking better than this one! www.sotonettes.wordpress.co.uk

Despite my poor commitment to this blog, yesterday I passed 100 followers! I wanted to thank you all so much, from my first follower to my most recent ones. It means so much to know that you read and enjoy my blog. I've built up quite a lot of ideas for posts I want to write, so hopefully I'll be a more regular blogger and deserve your following again.
In the next week or so I hope to put together a little giveaway to celebrate passing 100 followers and thank you all for your support :)

I hope you have been keeping well,


  1. Well done on 100 followers! :)
    Your blog is one of my all time favourites, I love reading about your craftiness and the WI. I want to join!
    www.emmerliejay.co.uk x

  2. Thank you so much honey, that makes me smile so much :D
    Thanks for reading


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