"Betty Leopard": Lip Boom (Shake, Shake, Shake the Room)

Monday, 14 May 2012

Lip Boom (Shake, Shake, Shake the Room)

Lip Boom is a new product from budget high-street brand Make Up Academy (MUA), created in conjunction with Alexandra Burke of X-Factor fame.

Doin' Good, Bring It, It's A Situation and LMK (Let Me Know)

I'm not a fan of Alexandra Burke, so, for me, her involvement is of no real consequence. If anything, it potentially stood to put me off. I only really got interested in the product when I saw the promo shots of the different shades. I fell in love with the colours and the glossy-glittery finishes, particularly the four bolder shades (from a total of 8). The photo below shows the promo shots of these four shades, clockwise from top left; It's A Situation, Bring It, Doin' Good and LMK (Let Me Know).

Photo from MUA Facebook page

As soon as I heard they were available on the MUA website, I headed straight over and picked up all four - at £3 each I had absolutely no hesitation about getting all four!

I've had them for a little while now an have been playing with them and wearing them to test them out. I really like them all, but in different ways.

Doin' Good is a really great everyday sort of shade, not too pink, not too neutral and not too bold, but still glam, especially using the glittery gloss. I've worn in to work and out to lunch and have been really happy with it - it'll probably be the one I use up quickest.

It's A Situation is an amazing high impact shade, showing up as more red or more purple depending on the light. I have worn it during the day - I felt like being a bit dramatic - but is probably more of a nightime shade on my pale skin.

Bring It is also fab. I love red lipstick, and this is a really good red shade. The gloss has gold shades in the glitter that really compliment the red.

I am really torn on LMK (Let Me Know). It might be a tad dark on me, but I haven't properly made up my mind. I haven't included a picture of me wearing it as I had to use my flash and the whole set up made me look a little dead. It's a really deep purpley-red brown, which is really dramatic, like It's A Situation.

Me wearing Doin' Good, It's A Situation and Bring It (Left: Lipstick only. Right: Lipstick and Gloss)
The pigmentation in all of them is really good and strong. The lipsticks aren't drying, especially not with the gloss added as well.
The gloss obviously fades with time, particularly when eating and drinking, but the lipstick has pretty good stating power, and the glitter takes quite a lot to budge.

I think they're really really great, especially given the price. I'm always impressed by MUA products, they have a great range and are far better quality than their prices suggest.

Have you tried and of the Lip Booms yet?



  1. I love the look of the first four. Totally do not need them though!


  2. I have OMG which i love but makes my teeth look more yellow than what they are! grrr and also have LMK I too like you am torn, maybe it's because we are blondes but lots of people have said that it is lovely!

    I love them all!



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