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Friday, 18 May 2012

My Day Job

As it's the thing that's been keeping me from blogging so much recently, I thought I'd write a little bit about my day job.

I call it a job, but I suppose it isn't really. I'm a PhD research student; which technically makes me a student, but I get paid (a bit), so I think of it as my job.

Doing a PhD is a really mixed bag. In some ways it's great - there aren't really any set hours so I get to manage my own time and mostly I choose work at home. On the other hand, it's a lot of work, and I really mean A LOT, and your work is never really good enough (basically you can always do better, no matter what).

I'm in my final year now and have gone through so many highs and lows with it. Right now I'm in a pretty decent place with it, which is good. The biggest problem with getting so close to the end is the time pressure! Hence why I'm not blogging so much at the moment.

These days I spend most of my time sat at my desk at home running endless statistical tests on my data and writing up sections of my thesis based on those results. It can get really tedious to be honest. The tests are so repetitive that I've actually almost perfected the art of running them whilst watching Mad Men (I've got through 2 and a half seasons in a week). Sometimes the results can be interesting, which gives me something to write about!

Sometimes I get to do some different things. I spent a long time running focus groups with people about their opinions of biofuels and more recently I've got to speak to some pretty important people in some big businesses about their interests in biofuels. It can be quite nerve racking, but it needs to be done!

My, slightly chaotic, workspace
I really want to make more time for blogging again. I have some new clothes I want to blog about, but the weather hasn't exactly inspired me to break them out yet :/

Thanks for still reading :)

Hope you are all having more fun that me!

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  1. Sounds interesting lovely, looks like that workspace have definitly got a lot going on haha

    Eda ♥




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