"Betty Leopard": Summer Shoes: Jellies!

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Summer Shoes: Jellies!

Right now, it seems a bit optimistic to be thinking about a summer wardrobe. I'm having to fight my urges to buy jumpers and coats.

I saw these shoes on Facebook, in an album of items being sold by burlesque performer/axe-thrower extraordinaire, Anna Fur Laxis. I fell in love with them straight away and snapped them up. I'm not good with sandals, so these seemed like my perfect summer shoes. I can imagine wearing them on a beach, having a picnic in a park, at a BBQ or just doing general summery things :)

I haven't owned a pair of jelly shoes since I was very young, I only recently found out you could get them for adults. I saw some in Topshop and Urban Outfitters a while ago, but they weren't pretty and so I had absolutely no interest in them. These ones seem to be by Jin Dali, not a brand I know or can find anything about online!

I love the glitter and I love the bows! I would still love them if they weren't peep-toe, as I'm not the biggest fan of my feet (who is?), but they're pretty subtle as peep-toes go. I almost love them so much that I don't want to wear them and just put them on a shelf to admire, but I already have quite a lot of shoes like that :/

I'm very excited for the weather to pick up so I can wear them. It seemed like a long enough wait just hoping the sun would come out so I could photograph them outside.

Is anyone else struggling to get in the mood for summery clothes? What do you think of jellies?



  1. I looove these, I have a pair quite similar from a website called treds! Do you find that they're really squeeky when you walk though? Mine are really really annoyingly squeeky! x

  2. Thank you ladies.
    I am a little worried about them squeeking actually, not worn them long enough to find out yet :/

  3. Beautiful shoes! I love jelly shoes x

  4. Wow I wasn't aware they still made jelly ones. But for adults?! It's just too cute!!


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