"Betty Leopard": Wining and Whining

Friday, 25 May 2012

Wining and Whining

This is pretty much how I've spent my week. Whining about most things, from the state of my skin through to  how bored I am of my work and the fact that my boyfriend is working away (again) and I am very bored and lonely without him :(

As a result of this, I have been indulging in a fair amount of wine drinking of an evening, just to take the edge off :p I've drunk more wine than I would of a normal week, not helped by the fact that I have a Co-op just round the corner which has £9 wine for half price, and they put it right next to the queue, so I ended up leaving with two bottles of Rose. I have very little will power.

These two combined may have contributed to my recent blogging identity crisis :/ Sorry about that.

Can you really go wrong with a £9 bottle of wine for £4.50?

I should add that the weather isn't actually something I've been whining about. It has been hot, possibly a little hotter than I would normally like, but after all the cold and rainy weather it has been so wonderful to enjoy some sunshine. To be honest, the glorious weather has been the absolute highlight of my week and goodness knows what my moos would be like without it.

The heat and the sunshine haven't really helped with my work productivity, and it's a shame my boyfriend hasn't been around to enjoy it with me, but I have had our dog Alf to hang out with.
Alf rarely fails to make me smile, so having him around has definitely help keep my spirits up.
He loves the sunshine too, he likes that it means we spend more time outside and he loves just lazing around in the sunshine. He's such a happy boy :)

So, the weather, the wine and Alf have totally made my week. And my Mum, who has put up with my almost nightly moany phone calls. Thanks Mum :)

It's now less than a week until my boyfriend returns, just in time for the Jubilee bank holiday weekend! I hope the weather holds out. It's May going into June, so it really should, but this is Britain, and it will be a Bank Holiday, so I'm not putting any money on it being nice :( I'd like to have a barbecue with friends, but I don;t want to plan anything and jinx it.

I hope you've all had a good week and that the weather has made you smile, even if you haven't been able to get out in it properly yet.
Thanks for bearing with me this week, I can be a nightmare :/



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