"Betty Leopard": My 27th Birthday

Sunday, 5 August 2012

My 27th Birthday

Last Monday was my 27th birthday :)
Whilst I lost a notable amount of work time in the preparation and celebrations, I had a lovely birthday weekend with a lot of my favourite people and far too much food (but really, really good food)!

I had a small party and barbecue on the Saturday. The weather wasn't quite as nice as it had been during the week and it looked ominously cloudy from time to time, but it never did actually rain. We hung out in my garden with cake, drinks, meat and music for most of the afternoon and into the evening.

I wore my lovely Dorothy Perkins peach/coral polka dot peplum dress, which I'd been waiting for a suitable occasion to wear for ages! To match the vintage styling of the dress I put my hair up in victory rolls. I think they may be my best victory rolls so far :)

Happy Birthday bunting made by my mum (from almost entirely reused materials)
Homemade Rocky Road - I'll blog the recipe soon
Happy Birthday Battenberg Cake :D
Making a Wish
On my actual birthday, my boyfriend, our dog and I took a day trip to Burley in the New Forest.
We had a lovely lunch in The Queen's Head pub (dog friendly) before wandering through the village to see the shops. As well as being a typical New Forest village full of ponies and shops selling fudge and ice cream, Burley also plays on its historical links to dragons and witches and has a large number of shops selling associated souvenirs.
The village is actually quite small, so we extended our walk into the surrounding forest and countryside, taking in an old hill fort and barrows. Alf had a fantastic time tearing around, up and down hills and through fields of bracken. He was well and truly knackered by the time we got back to the village. Pete also made the most of being outdoors (his natural habitat) by climbing trees.
We must have walked for about two hours and were in desperate need of drinks when we got back to Burley. As we enjoyed The Queen's Head so much at lunch, we headed back for refreshments and I got myself a cream tea - which was sooooo yummy.

The Queen's Head, Burley. Dog Friendly. Awesome Cream Tea.
The cutlery and condiments came in a small picnic basket. So cute.
Alf loves being outside and ran around like a crazy thing
Woo, Bracken!
View from the Hill Fort
Cream Tea at The Queen's Head. Soooooo good.
So good it gets two pictures!
Knackered puppy
Alf, Pete and Me :)

I had such a lovely time. Thank you to everyone who came to the party and all of you who sent birthday wished via text, facebook or twitter. You've made being old a lot easier for me.

Now I need to seriously up my exercise routine to loose these extra pounds I've put on this week!



  1. Your hair looks so amazing!! It looks like a professional did it!

    Good Morning Angel.

    1. Awww thanks hun. I am pretty impressed with it, I've been getting in quite a bit of practice and they don't all work out this well!

  2. Oh wow your hair and dress are gorgeous! Wish I could do that with my hair. Looks like you had a fab birthday too, the cream team looks so yummy!

    ellelouisee.blogspot.co.uk - xo

    1. Thank you. I do love doing the victory rolls, has taken me a long while to grow enough hair to do them though.
      It's hard to beat a good cream tea :)
      Thanks for reading

  3. Looks like you had a great birthday! Love your victory rolls (mine never quite as nice as yours do) and your dress.

    1. Thank you. I did have a lovely time.
      Victory rolls take a bit of patience and practice but do get easier. I keep thinking of doing a tutorial video, but I'm scared to put myself on film!
      Thanks for reading


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