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Saturday, 1 September 2012

DIY: Blackboard Jars

I actually made these jars back in July, for my birthday party. Unfortunately, I got completely sidetracked by being stupidly ill and so have only just round to posting this.

I got the idea from a couple of pictures on Pinterest; jam jars as glasses with blackboard name panels!

I liked the jam jar idea because I have tonnes of jars but never enough glasses for everyone at a party, especially not when people put their drinks down, forget which one is theirs and need a new glass. Now, I know you can get those little charms to put on wine glasses, but like I said, I barely have enough glasses to go around in general, let alone wine glasses!
So basically, this idea seemed like the answer to my entertaining related dilemma. I also liked the fact that if/when I make jam again, I can still use the jars and just write what's inside on the blackboard panel rather than making labels.

It's so simple to do and people seemed to like the novelty, although some people seemed completely perplexed by the idea of drinking out of jars.

You only really need three things: jars, blackboard paint and a paintbrush. If you want you can also use masking tape to mark out the area you're going to paint, but I decided to go freehand (I also couldn't find any masking tape in the house).

Various Jars
Blackboard paint. I bought mine on eBay but you can also get it in hardware stores.

Doing this as a tutorial seems a bit basic. Take your jar, decide where you want your panel and how big, paint it on then let it dry.
I found it was best to only paint in one direction and I they needed at least two coats and in some cases three to get a relatively even and full coat.

You can write on them with regular chalk, but I got some liquid chalk pens, like the ones they use in cafes and restaurants. The result is a lot better and it does wash of, although if you leave it on for more than day you need quite a lot of soap and elbow grease to fully shift it.

If I'd have been going completely Pinterest, I would have bought ribbon and tided it round the top if each of the jars. I settled for assorted paper straws, which still looked cute.

I was really pleased with them. I think they'd be great at some sort of casual DIY style wedding - hopefully I'll remember this long enough to use it at my own wedding, however far in the future that might be!

Shame the summer is more or less over, so the jars might end up in the cupboard until I set about jam making again. Although, they might be cute for mulled wine?

Hope you are all well.

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  1. Such a simple but effective idea! Will have to give this a go if I ever get round to making my own jam (scones completed, if a bit rock solid).

    Cute blog, and you have a lovely style!



  2. I love this idea! Very creative, and you are right, perfect for a wedding. I might even borrow the idea for mine :) xx


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