"Betty Leopard": October 2012

Saturday, 27 October 2012

The Only Comfort I Can Think Of

So it seems that I haven't managed to completely overcome my lack of enthusiasm to blog just yet.

In all honesty, I haven't been feeling too great lately, for a whole mix of reasons, and it's not easy to write when you're feeling low. Not much really seems very worthwhile and even less seems interesting enough to photograph, take the time to write about and then share with you, my lovely readers.

As you may be aware, these low moods aren't exactly a rarity in my life, but sometimes it still takes me a while to realise when one has become particularly invasive in my life. It's only really over the past weeks or so that I've noticed the effects and tried to put some steps into action to help pick me up.
Mostly this involves remembering to make time for and to appreciate small comforts. While the changing light might have something to do with my changing mood, I do find that Autumn is a a great time for small comforts - blankets, hot chocolate, fallen leaves :)

As I'm (rapidly) approaching the end of my PhD I do have loads of work to be doing during the day, so I'm trying to keep my evenings free and dedicated to relaxing and trying to make myself feel better.

Jumpers and Blankets. 
I also really want to get a onesie :)

Long, Hot Baths

Good Food
Homemade Toffee Apple Crumble

Good Food with Ice Cream


Especially Apple and Blackcurrant

Anyone tried this?

Time with my boys

Making and Baking
I've been doing a lot of craft and making things. Partly just as a break, but also in preparation for Christmas

It is really nice to take time for myself and just relax, and trying not to feel too guilty about it. I only wish I had a wood stove, that would be the ultimate in comfort and relaxation.

Hope you are all well. I do have posts lined up that I want to write. Hopefully improving my general mood will improve my blogging motivation.


Tuesday, 9 October 2012

New Hair

So, despite my previous determination to grow my hair, about a month ago it all got too much for me so I rang my hairdresser and had the whole lot chopped off.

My hair is really thick and as it got longer I just found it harder to manage the condition and the style. I hadn't actually intended to have so much taken off, but when I spoke to my hairdresser we both came to the conclusion that this style is just me, so we went with it.

I do love a good undercut - easy to manage and but it still reasonably out of the ordinary and makes a good impact. I do miss being able to do things like victory rolls, but it seems to be growing at a rate of knots, so I'll probably be able to do them again soon!

A few days after the cut, just as I was planning on putting some more interesting colour in myself, I got a call from my hairdresser who was in need of a colour model! Perfect timing. Amazing colour for free. Honestly, my hairdresser is so good I usually don't have to give her much in the way of instruction - she just does her thing and I don't think I've ever been unhappy with the results :) I obviously jumped at the offer.

She was very excited about a new turquoise they had, so created something glorious based around that.

I love it. I think the turquoise and blue colours do a lot for my eyes. Plus, I love wearing my bright pink Gosh lipstick with it - it's definitely got me noticed :) (Reminds me, I need to try and replace that lipstick soon).

The colour is from Elumen by Goldwell - it's not supposed to fade like other colours, especially bright fashion colour like these. I have to say I'm a bit disappointed though as I do think these have faded over the last few weeks though. My roots are already coming through though, a major downside of such a short style, so I am planning to remove the blue, bleach my roots and then go for something different, probably pink.

It feels so good to have colour in my hair again. I'm really not looking forward to finishing my PhD and having to get a real job where I expect I'll have to have boring hair :(

Don't suppose any of you have jobs that allow brightly coloured hair do you?


Monday, 8 October 2012

Japonesque: Breast Cancer Awareness Collection

I'm back! Finally. Unfortunately I have been suffering from a mixture of bloggers block and having loads of work to do for my PhD. My apologies.

I received this Japonesque Touch-Up Tube in Pink a few weeks ago. The touch-up brush set includes a blush/powder brush, a lip brush, a foundation brush and two eye detailer brushes all packaged in a cute pink metal tube that can easily be thrown into the bottom of your handbag for make-up touch-ups on the go.
While the touch-up tubes come in a number of colours, the pink edition is part of Japonesque's Breast Cancer Awareness campaign. The press release says $1 from every item purchased will be donated to Breast Cancer Awareness Research, although I can't see anything about this on any UK site where the tube is available, which is a bit disappointing.

I really like the set. The brushes are all really good quality, as you would expect from Japonesque, with the added bonus (for me anyway) that they are also made from synthetic fibres. They are all soft and nice to use and give a nice finish. To be honest, I have such a small brush collection as it is, I have been using these brushes for more than just touch-ups.
I also think the tube is a really good idea. I don't often carry brushes as they can get a bit mashed in my super tightly packed make-up bag, so this is a really good solution. The tube has been rolling around in the bottom of my bag for ages and still looks great and, obviously, the brushes have all stayed in great condition too!

The set is available on HQHair.com, priced at £16.95. Other products in the Japonesque Breast Cancer Awareness range include a Brow Kit, Mini Heated Eyelash Curler, a Pocket Lash Curler and a Mini Manicure Set (which does say money will be donated to Breast Cancer Research).

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and it is important to raise awareness even if there isn't any money going to charity. Breast Cancer doesn't just affect older women, it's important that us younger ladies are also aware of our breast health. Check out CoppaFeel for information on breast cancer awareness for younger women.

Hope you are all well,
I hope to be back blogging much more regularly again now.