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Monday, 8 October 2012

Japonesque: Breast Cancer Awareness Collection

I'm back! Finally. Unfortunately I have been suffering from a mixture of bloggers block and having loads of work to do for my PhD. My apologies.

I received this Japonesque Touch-Up Tube in Pink a few weeks ago. The touch-up brush set includes a blush/powder brush, a lip brush, a foundation brush and two eye detailer brushes all packaged in a cute pink metal tube that can easily be thrown into the bottom of your handbag for make-up touch-ups on the go.
While the touch-up tubes come in a number of colours, the pink edition is part of Japonesque's Breast Cancer Awareness campaign. The press release says $1 from every item purchased will be donated to Breast Cancer Awareness Research, although I can't see anything about this on any UK site where the tube is available, which is a bit disappointing.

I really like the set. The brushes are all really good quality, as you would expect from Japonesque, with the added bonus (for me anyway) that they are also made from synthetic fibres. They are all soft and nice to use and give a nice finish. To be honest, I have such a small brush collection as it is, I have been using these brushes for more than just touch-ups.
I also think the tube is a really good idea. I don't often carry brushes as they can get a bit mashed in my super tightly packed make-up bag, so this is a really good solution. The tube has been rolling around in the bottom of my bag for ages and still looks great and, obviously, the brushes have all stayed in great condition too!

The set is available on HQHair.com, priced at £16.95. Other products in the Japonesque Breast Cancer Awareness range include a Brow Kit, Mini Heated Eyelash Curler, a Pocket Lash Curler and a Mini Manicure Set (which does say money will be donated to Breast Cancer Research).

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and it is important to raise awareness even if there isn't any money going to charity. Breast Cancer doesn't just affect older women, it's important that us younger ladies are also aware of our breast health. Check out CoppaFeel for information on breast cancer awareness for younger women.

Hope you are all well,
I hope to be back blogging much more regularly again now.

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